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I’ve added under this tab writings in random order I have written over the years. I have alphabetized them under the Writing Tab. I have put various sayings, and musings on pictures which can be found under the Gallery of Ideas on Pictures Tab. Maybe one day, I’ll weave the story line around the writings and pictures.

I must add, not everything written is truth, some things are fantasy pieces built around fragments of observations I have made either from my own experiences, or from the experiences I have observed play out in the lives of others.

Sometimes it is easy for me to write from a flow state, and at other times not so much from a flow state, thus some pieces are often better than others; however I don’t let the pieces that are not that great stop me from writing. I have found that if I just keep writing, good, bad, or indifferent, gems on occasion miraculously appear on the page. I keep my imagination active, and I hope you will find your thought processes actively engaged in your own imagination should you take an interest in my writings.

I also should note, as much as I try to do the right thing in my life, as evidenced in my writings, I fail miserably at times as also evidenced in my writings, please do not take anything I write as advice (disclaimer), certainly sift for the meanings for your own truths(qualifier). Many things written are in metaphor and are meant figuratively, not literally.

If you are under the age of 18 some content may not be suitable for you to read, so just don’t!


The Divine in DNA…why change it?


try to outwit nature

Immortality is in the legacy

of generations throughout time

They claim it will save us

Yet when the weak survive

will natural selection be outsmarted

Will a neural brain interface

be the new immortality sought

Where no longer the genes

we pass down are naturally our own…

The code is being re-written

and the message within it passed on

is no longer untainted

The seeds of misdeeds being sown

and the sacred bonds

perchance broken

intercalated with the synthetic

So many claim to be woke,

yet in slumber fail to awaken

to ponder why…

is it that they do not know,

do not believe of all the possibilities

and fail by default to protect their own

intrinsic natural design…


Just a few thoughts as I have not posted in quite a while…but I cannot help but wonder if man’s attempt to genetically modify and alter plants, animals and now humans is a feeble attempt to influence evolution that may have unknown consequences, not only in the physical realm but in perchance the spiritual realm as well. I cannot help but feel generational consequences will follow.

Italy Sings

italy sings

There is something so surreal about all of this. A reminder that the basics is essential, like food, & shelter to life. Does it take a threat of a global pandemic to drive us back into a close nit existence, where we can see what matters most? To find positivity in the smallest of gestures to help ourselves, and one another. The Italians singing from balconies today, just makes me stop to ponder such things. For when the people are empowered to take their power back, once they have the basics, like food, & shelter with no need to be a slave to one another through daily work routines, they freely resort to lifting one another up, through gaiety, and songs. It seems through these things we return to our heart, and from that place we bridge matters of the soul to reach out to the world and lift our voices! OUR VOICES, not those of the global task masters, but perchance throughout all this we can find out who we truly are as a human species, and collectively learn to love the simple things, and realize when it all comes down to it, every life is valuable, and we all have a duty to remember this, and perchance for a MOMENT, we can hold on to this moment, when all else returns to normal, and all the divisive energies start bombarding us again, to resist the temptation to join them in their chaotic whirlwinds that they will sing lulling us back into their trance of a dance. Wouldn’t it be nice, without threat of death and disease, we could all just say, no I am not going to work today, I think I will stay home, and sing songs with my neighbors today, for by doing so, we will unite the world.


The human spirit is beautiful when it sings!

The human spirit is beautiful when it creates from the heart!

When the human spirit returns to the heart, it sings, and creates a home for us all.

Lessons learned from a virus of all fucking things!

As I sit and watch through my window, leaves fall from the trees amidst a backdrop of a foggy mist in the air, and to know in the world humans are suffering, as we all grapple with unknowns to know that if we just sit still, and return to the home of who we are, we have a choice to fill the void with songs and love.

Who are you, and what is your gift to the world to give when all you have to give is of you and you alone?

It is found perchance within the gift of breath we were given, and to that which we have purpose to give.



You Don’t Know Me – Love Like Wine

Love like wine

You come around when you want

It’s always on your terms

You want a pal to hang around

Like some prospect waiting to begin

Always some sort of hook to spin me in

And then the bait pulled from off my plate

You think you know me

You think this suits your needs

You think I should be grateful to watch the reels

Sleep in suites fit for Kings

Eat spreads for gluttony fills at the brim

You knew I was hungry

You threw me some crumbs

come hither with me

and have some fun

You knew I was impoverished

Yet your gains you gave away

countless times

While I sat and observed

and watch you play

I saw more than you know

So deep in peril the heart

Its pain laid out at my feet

Countless times I took it on

as friends, or lovers or nothing at all

the ego had to hang upon a shelf

and there is where my hopes and dreams

were left in unrest so many times

to be there

to choose to see

to choose to be

Like the whims of a narcissist

idolize, devalue and discard

I saw it on blast one too many times

the hoovering back time and time again

Harking for the love somewhere lost

to feel something real torn

plucked like a thorn

that always bleeds

Never did you know

how much I understood

and where the pain I saw in you resonated

from the mind of an experience

from the eyes of innocence ripped from me

To know the source of your misery

similar in vein

I relinquished long ago

and came to pull you out

but into the undertow you pulled me

never realizing the wounds you opened in me

too blind to see

to breathe

You screamed

A childish ploy

to push away

a tirade to foretell

to be dropped off

and done

What more to give

but one last bite

your cake

to go eat

Left in the wake the waves take my breath away

My peace now I give to me

and circling back you think I should bleed

to make a meal of me

Never did you seek to know me

but I know

the invasion of my gaze

is not yours to keep

My privacy of mind and peace

shall not be yours to tread

for when given freely

you gave me nothing

of love

I set sail in blood let

from the countless tides of pain

of all the tears that fell

drowning in hope

love bled out

and onto the shore I have safely landed

The life raft you cast back at me

is the one meant for you, not me

You never knew me

for it was always all about you

could not see the hand held out

to pull you from the abyss

to show you the way

and in my absence

perchance you will see the path

for all you gave

to you left bread crumbs

all throughout our journeys

if you will but drink

the love

like wine




On My Mind

You are on my mind when I sleep and when I wake

I want so much for you to be free

I know the pain it visits from time to time

yet let it not destroy you

Embrace it, then release it

until it comes again

yet what shall you learn from it each time it pays a visit

Stop not learning, stop not breathing

It is okay to cry

It is okay to mourn

But better yet it is to live and to love

embrace your heart

remove the fear

and be to yourself the parts you desire from the parent you never had

you wished for and needed so desperately

the parts to tell you

you are beautiful and dear

for my friend

that you are

beautiful and dear in all your highs and lows

give yourself a chance to heal

I think of you morning and night

and pray for your healing…

I’d like to tell you that

yet at the risk of sounding too sincere

you shun my aims…to just let you know I care…

knowing full well, it is foreign to you

something too you would perchance fear

and push away….

so in silence I will continue to pray

and when the time is right

your heart will come to know

the light

is always there….

to see today



Tragic Comedy

It’s such a tragic comedy

The pursuits of love

The irony is he

is just like me

in some respects

Running to love

Hot in pursuit

then it falls

and a new chase begins

unlike me I sit and wait

often too long

so when I give

I am ready to receive

Such a tragedy

when two meet


who have journeyed so far

a stalemate occurs

One brazened by affairs

closes off

and one softened by humility

opens up

The one receiving

imagines fears

and withdraws

The one giving

questions their presence

and retreats

and off again

time and time again

Running in circles

until the lessons are learned

time can make sense of matters

and time can heal

yet time discarded confuses sanity

and time can divide

Some things can prick the heart

for it is a funny thing

one never knows

how the piercing of it shall unfold

a truth to poke the ego

turns it on its head

and venting frustrations

simmer and burn

and often explode

a truth to poke the heart

closed off

will test

and often harm itself

Both wrestle with their demons

never quite understanding

that to each they could conquer

if the battles each faces

and has been through

were acknowledged and left

and the sword of defenses

were laid to rest

perchance then

acceptance would be a foundation

upon which trust was formed

for without it

all is lost

and the demise

of the past

becomes the victor

of the days

of our tomorrows


When life plays the individuals it is tragic

it is almost comedic if not so wrenching

to know that if one were but to honor life

one would not get so easily swept away

when underneath it all we all struggle at times

to love and be loved

yet often those caught up in moments

end up pushing and pulling and fighting

these needs of the spirit




Slumber of Illusions

slumber of illusions

Truth my bane

does it offend

for if it does

perchance it uncovers

that what ye seek to hide

under the covers of pride

where ego resides

the lies I witnessed

in all their glory

unto friends, family,

and most of all

to yourself

the path of the blind

I have to wonder

to seek selfish things in folly

to puff up their-selves

or to get their way

to fail to honor

their own true integrity

to make a servant of love

when love

by divine nature serves

and is not made a slave

to wanton desires of the heart

it lifts the soul

yet in vain used often

sneaking to gain

when offered not

of pure heart intention

what thereby is

deemed nothing of importance

not recognizing the loss of soul

in those disposable feats

never to feel complete

and to think you are scared of me

when it is what you do you should fear

there is simply no honor, loyalty,

or integrity of heart and mind

to drive your intellect by the will

of the divine

for the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom

and the path to freedom

is to see God in everything

and when you do

never would you harm another

by deceit

to gain their attention

you by default become the whore

of your desires

where place ye them

where swiftly your feet roam

I plant these seeds

yet the salt is bitter

but truth once faced

is the way to liberation

to break those shackles

to go forth in peace

trials by fire

shall test your mete

for at your feet

I knelt

and in surrender I prayed

one day a heart to heal

Your eyes begin to see

the veil of slumber

is not your soul’s resting place

for as my master/teacher use to say

what good is it if a man must lose everything

before he wakes up

for it may be better for him to have stayed asleep

…the key to conscious desire is to become one with it…

while awake and asleep

for then you see

the path to the soul’s destiny


The poison of truth, is often the very medicine used to heal, it’s bitterness the ego rejects, yet the soul begins to take notice, and once affliction is released, the healing begins…

….In peace I sleep in the palm of his hand…no matter the trials I must endure to face…

You see I was also told…do not jump into the raging river to save another, unless you are strongly tethered to your beliefs….

I used to say….I would not let another drown, I will jump even if I drown in the process…

some times that has been the case…and some times now…I see what was meant…if I walk the fine line on the fence stumbling into behaviors not wise…surely I suffer as I grapple with realizations to right matters of self….I must strongly tether myself back to actions based on spiritual precepts that are ultimately good for the soul…and lead to harmony or at the very least provide a pathway to eternal bliss…no matter life’s temporary circumstance….

for this lifetime is but a minute in the big scheme of things…

(a past writing when I grappled with analysis of my failings)

Demon’s Don’t Own Me

Of course we all stumble, no judgment, we must think and DISCERN for ourselves, and we all make mistakes unaware. Some sleep walk through life, and have moments of clarity, like the veil slowly being removed, yet some pull back the covers, not quite ready to see the manifestations of their actions and choices. Consequences or outcomes often are never thought about, and then at times, the risk is thrown to the wind. I guess I realize at times…when risk is thrown to the wind…it is almost like we throw ourselves to the wind. I guess whether it is a nefarious thing or not, it is all part of the process in metaphor helping us to define where we want to align our energies and our efforts…ultimately.

This I believe, we all have a spiritual backbone, whether one wants to believe in religious ideas, there is a creative force that brought us into existence. I think good and bad thoughts, deeds, and actions are all parts of one spectrum. I think bad events make us take notice, and can even knock us off our feet to get us to take notice. I think often that is when the spine, the fiber in us seeks answers, and in this prostrate position of sorts, we seek divine, or spirit based answers, and perchance that is why we come to an age of reason to discern those things good for our soul. We all go through this throughout life, yet some are more prone to correct the errors of their ways sooner than others, and some not so much, thus life keeps offering us chances to figure out the best path to getting what we want. It all boils down to desire, and that which ye choose to believe. Yet having said that, there is an undeniable force of energy associated with life and death and universal truths we all operate within. I tend to believe that universal force resides within us all. Perchance the thumbprint of the divine (creative force) is within our DNA, and it is our choice given to us to activate or deactivate it. Perchance our choices influence this light…after all thoughts are electromagnetic energy, and this does influence us and our capacity to affect others. Maybe it is this energy that if activated helps us to go from being prostrate to activate the strength in the marrow of our bones we need to stand firmly grounded on the path that leads to health, happiness, light, truth, and harmony. After all it is the marrow that makes the very blood of our existence! The life of the body is in the blood. How you nourish your mind, body and spirit has great effects which cannot be denied…whether the models of thought used to learn this are based in religious dogma or not. So many mysteries there are to discover, most of all the truth, if at all possible.

I must add that I am not so ignorant to not realize my own errors. I tend to have an open heart, and as such go with risks, willing to learn from experiences. Charity is a most noble aspect to ourselves whether it is to give love, food, gifts, knowledge…etc. A thought comes to mind even in the Bible it says in the Song of Solomon to give all one has for love, one would be roundly mocked. I suppose love has conditions, aside from our notion to love unconditionally. I have explained thoughts on this in other writings. You see, I guess I must admit, to love and be open at times against all odds, is sometimes even an illusion that I must face…thinking it is the right thing to do…it sometimes causes great sacrifice and pain, and some times causes my own self to think by doing so, I will be loved in return and if I am not it will all be okay in the end. It is the bait to be loved in return that I fall for, thus in some respects I have deceived my own self with the bait of my own thoughts on this matter. Hence, even though my observations reflect on others, as I wrestle with my own demons, and theirs, I have to be mindful, I do not create a snare for myself in my very own actions to love…otherwise I have by my own nature put my own head in a noose, and in the process of suffering fall prey to pointing out errors of others, when in the end I alone bare responsibility for where I end up in these matters of heart, and spirituality.





I want to go fishing to listen to the streams

or down by a river to become lost in a forest of dreams

Running to and fro amidst the lights and sounds

makes me want to retreat away from it all

for my heart has needs to be free

so open I have laid it at your feet

is it any wonder it comes undone

not ready for it to be pushed away

so to the birds I shall watch play

and get lost among their songs

and listen in silence to what nature says to me

away, away from it all

a time to contemplate

the simple things that lift and penetrate

and tell me all is well

and to know time flows like a wave

to wash over me

and take me with it wherever I must go

to find the love to give

to bridge the connections

we all must make or break

to find the paradise of dreams

if but standing alone

in wishes to be at your side

like a penny tossed into a fountain

maybe one day to be found

the diamond in the rough

it seems is all I am

yet to eyes that see

the priceless ruby

whose treasure is buried there

for the one ready

to touch upon all that is real

where fears no longer rule the day

and the light of love shines the way

to merge two as one

if but in dreams

a secret desire of the heart

to be held

by the one

who’ll hold me near

Until then in the forest I shall be found

sitting amidst its sounds

listening to the call

of the wind that carries me upon its wings

as I seek guidance from all that sustains

this life

to keep a heart as open as the sky

to become refreshed in knowing

it is my path to walk

and never shall I let the vultures

pick me clean of all that I have to give

eternal and lasting

to shine like rays of light casting shadows upon the dark

one day I pray to not walk this path alone

yet if that is what I must do

I shall forbear it with all my might of strength

and if I fall, I pray the lord my soul to keep



Do what you love, and do what you do with love.

do it with love

I’ve been contemplating this notion of living a loved based life for 22 years, and I have attempted in earnest to do so. I have been at the razor’s edge of cutting this notion from my way of being. I had to ask myself why? Was it that I was suffering burn out. But then I had to think fuck that, I love to do this, and I love to do that, what is up with my thinking? In my profession as well as in parenting it can be a thankless job, yet in my personal life I tend to think my attempts at living in altruistic ways have taken their toll on me at times. I am called upon often to give of my time selflessly, yet often I feel it is not reciprocated and that leaves me feeling at an energetic loss. I often will give endlessly often depleting my well of reserves unaware, until I find myself in a place where I suffer…feeling at times such a loss of love.  I think in the New Year, I will have a new perspective for 2019, and that is simply to do what I love, and no matter what I do, to do it with love. If there are things I find I have to do, I will shift into the heart and give it all I have got with love, for it will help shape my perspective into one of joy. I have done this often in my professional life, yet I must be mindful now, in my personal life to choose to relate with those whose consciousness comes from the heart. I must keep filling my cup, to give, yet if I give so much in my personal affairs and it becomes a drain, I must learn how to walk away with love for myself, so that I may continue to love what I do.

I used to think….be love, just love…and if you feel no love, that is the time to love more than ever, but it seems now there is a shift in my thinking to purposefully choose to do what I love. I know it sounds so simple, yet when we on the spiritual path often think of love we are often taught or accept some notion that no matter what we should just give love. If giving love leads to a loss of ourselves, and affects our ability to embody a place for divine love to continue to thrive and manifest, perchance a re-evaluation of principle is in order. This is not the same as do what though wilt, for love has conditions, and to love unconditionally principles of practice must not only nourish others, but ourselves too to be a light to those who are truly in need.



Center of the Sun Contemplation


The essence of the soul is beautiful, limitless without bounds immortal, yet the chains of the flesh are gross in all their forms magnified, bound to decay mortal and destructible. Ever become one with the water to bleed through the skin the blood of this life to see it is all an illusion of despair to escape back into the light from the darkest backdrop of life. Somewhat maybe like piercing through the veil of the flesh to see the soul shining through everywhere. Dance the dance of the immortal if you dare, to see love in the most ugliest of creatures, for their shell hides the light within we all have eyes to see if we could awake to become free amidst the choice we have been so mercifully granted. A gift too many have eyes not to see for when the dross fades away all that we truly are shall manifest, and will you shine like the light of stars or fade into the dark abyss of nothingness? Once awakened to see, no slumber ever befalls thee, and clinging to your bed of delusions is no longer of comfort to the essence of who you are truly gifted to be, yet it is a choice, free to make through the liberation found at the interface between dimensions…for it is the soul that touches the flesh, not the flesh that touches the soul… there is a difference and at the crux lies misery or happiness…


Ever notice how some old people have dull eyes, and how some people no matter how old they look, their eyes shine like the sun. Why is that? I tend to think it is some souls are so bright all you can see is their light. Aspire to that! It kind of reminds me of that saying (paraphrasing) become who you were before the world told you who to be. Like your essence is given this body, and you have a choice to let the world get into you and dull your shine, or you can choose to light yourself up. lol Get Lit from the inside out! Another parallel too, is like the saying of being in a boat within the world not letting the water inside. Another thought too…Sun worshippers trying to bring the external within as compared to other religious notions to be like Christ by emulation of the Christos…to manifest light from the internal to the external. Then of course there are those who think the Europeans and the Council of Nicaea twisted worship of the Sun to the worship Son by creating myths. Yet, Joseph Campbell’s Power of Myth illustrates how the power of myth can manifest in lives. This too something neuroscience studies…religious/spiritual experience resides in the electrical impulses within neurons/brain waves in the temporal regions and does affect the mind and body. Even brains of meditators can achieve gamma states at will over time. So, there are mysteries unknown in how beliefs shape reality. At a simple level it would stand to reason being positive aligned in truths, negative energy manifestations dissipate in the practitioner. It’s how you see matter that shapes your reality, yet finding truth is it ever truly found and within truth is duality existing or non-existent? Is truth outside of the constraints of time dimensions? Perchance it is about the wisdom of experience in time that leads the way out of time. And so faceted is the wisdom of experiential events each must seek truth of their own accord within the embodiment of mortal and immortal elements coexisting…there are no shortcuts to truth but is it not there all along? Can truth be defined or is this too a notion of an illusion? Then I think what is, just is…and how even Buddhism espouses to accept that notion with non-attachment. If we are to think on matters of raising consciousness where we see connections amidst all matter then how can we remain unattached to our purposes? It would be impossible. What is our purpose? Is it to care, or not to care…how to care and be unattached…I suppose is akin to light dispersing amidst the shadows…just by its nature…it just does without attachment yet where is its source? If not in you then what are you made of…if not the same elements in the stars? Out of chaos order is ever changing as energy and matter is ever transforming. Mind and heart intention…electrical magnetic and beating like a vibration…be an instrument of the music you create. Be static or dynamic…ride waves in harmony or out of synch…can we ever jump off the carousel revolution as we spin through space….to spin out thoughts like rays of light…undefined far reaching never ending dimensionless.


Metaphorically ~ can we be the light to keep our hearts warm by closing our eyes and seeing the Sun to let darkness not make us undone? The light can illuminate and darkness will seem to fade away, yet often it is still present no matter how much light reflects and is dispersed. Yet, too there at the interface where light touches the dark a chance to jump into the wave of light and ride the darkness of illusions no more. A mystical moment to let the dark go…where all there is, is light. Yep, these are like visualizations of letting go of all that reins the charioteer of darkness to pervade thoughts, cells and energies. We are the master navigator of our destination, are we not? What would you create if you dared to imagine it is within your power to define who you are?


inspired thoughts from listening to Center of the Sun by Conjure One

Yesterdays to come


Sitting in silence I see things from a different point of view. The quiet of solitude withdrawing from the noise yet the voice inside of me speaks.  I could write a book with the things my heart has seen dangerous and most intrepid things. I ventured out with heart in hand to give and in turn I saw so many like me. They had eyes and smiles to give in spite of pain and some still drowning in their flesh of needs not knowing how to be at peace. Some so mired and scathed wanting to break free yet chained long ago to a memory of misery. It imprisons their now they cannot be present to see each second forward paints a new destiny. Unlike me in servitude to others their demons they still cherish in unaware ways for they still lead them to all their yesterdays to come. I shall not follow them there for by grace we each are given each breath a choice to lead the way and if not they see they stay blindfolded by the illusions of despair

… sometimes like me


Just passing thoughts…that visit for a moment of reflections