Welcome, let the journey of your imagination begin…


I’ve added under this tab writings in random order I have written over the years. I have alphabetized them under the Writing Tab. I have put various sayings, and musings on pictures which can be found under the Gallery of Ideas on Pictures Tab. Maybe one day, I’ll weave the story line around the writings and pictures.

I must add, not everything written is truth, some things are fantasy pieces built around fragments of observations I have made either from my own experiences, or from the experiences I have observed play out in the lives of others.

Sometimes it is easy for me to write from a flow state, and at other times not so much from a flow state, thus some pieces are often better than others; however I don’t let the pieces that are not that great stop me from writing. I have found that if I just keep writing, good, bad, or indifferent, gems on occasion miraculously appear on the page. I keep my imagination active, and I hope you will find your thought processes actively engaged in your own imagination should you take an interest in my writings.

I also should note, as much as I try to do the right thing in my life, as evidenced in my writings, I fail miserably at times as also evidenced in my writings, please do not take anything I write as advice (disclaimer), certainly sift for the meanings for your own truths(qualifier). Many things written are in metaphor and are meant figuratively, not literally.

If you are under the age of 18 some content may not be suitable for you to read, so just don’t!


I Needed You

Beach water color

I needed you

not your friends

I just needed you to see me

It’s a love based perspective


I needed you

as a child

to reciprocate

my love for you


I needed you

to see the trinity

in everything

the bond of



I needed you

to stand for good

to speak in truth

to bless

the pain

It’s an absolution

to ourselves


To be free

a renunciation

before the throne

the stage of life

to conquer death


I needed you

to see through me

to see your self

in all


I needed you

and you took

my sacrifice

and gave me

back my life

to find purpose


There is nothing we need more

than to love

and be loved

for our journey to manifest

the path we tread

to see the way

through the maze


I needed you

and in you came

to fill my heart and intellect


For me it is not what you see

if the fullness of the heart

you reject

in blind ignorance

and indifference

for in the end

dare not to let

your suffering be in vain

chasing things

void of soul

that steal away

all that you were born to see


Return to love

and see God in everything

and then perchance

the miracles will begin

and you will see the divine

beyond time



Creations born of Love…



Whether it be to create a rose garden

or build the Taj Mahal…

We each create from love

in our own way

Whose right is it to judge

these creations born of love


Whether it to be to gaze upon a rose

or read a piece of poetry or prose

we each pay tribute


Whether it be to create a painting on the wall

or to create the Taj Mahal

We each create a testament of love

whose right is it to judge

these monuments of love


For when it comes to love

there is no big or small

just love that’s all…




A Carpenter


He says you need a carpenter boyfriend

as he inspects my house

He says fix it and sell it

would not be surprised if…

they have not eaten up to the rafters

he gives me a number to call


I reply, I need a carpenter boyfriend?

A carpenter comes and I show

him around concerned

about what I have found

and what all needs to be done

the only thing I have

for refuge

he assures me as he sees

the tears well in my eyes

its not quite as bad as it seems

I’m here to put your fears at ease


I’m horrified and text my children

and one says burn it down

the other says

will she get sprayed or nailed

so lightly and trivial the words come forth

as I sit and ponder

what is it all worth

the oldest tells the one to be nice

and then the other away from the messages

comes back and says you all need help


Do I need a carpenter

and I stop to think

as an atheist friend

comments on a picture

of a man on a cross


He was a carpenter from Nazarene

and in the end he was nailed upon a cross

I contemplate the message

whether one believes or not


we all need a carpenter

to build our temple

do we not


He says to me

I see you’re all heart

just work with me

and I’ll show you how



The Framer Builds a House





Related image

Burn it down he says

shall I walk away

and where into the street

shall I stand

like the man

I saw yesterday

on tilt between the lanes

Did not your mother tell you

not to play with fire


The tongue it lashes

so quick

when one has nothing to lose

but everything


The smoke is thick

it chokes

been on my knees to breathe

my life laid out flat


watching redwoods grow in my sleep


Burn it down

like a timber falling

into cinder

jumped off that branch

long ago

plunged into heart

this fire

like a seed cracked open

to give rise to new growth


Burn it down

make room for hallowed ground

from out of dirt

love springs forth

hollow the heart

to open the eyes of intellect

See through the lies

and into the soul

prana and manna


Burn so bright

as one with light

40 years

in the Desert of Sin

Cloud by day

and fire by night


Massah and Meribah

the lesson at hand

The Rock and water fall

falter not

a nomad


Burn it down

the evilness of heart






Such a drenching

and wringing out

a cathartic exposure

I am not dry

It’s all such a dream

simmering in stew an ingredient

just an additive

to make for a great dining experience

last year it poured

now it passes

into the mix

a baking


for the next course…

serve wisdom

for into the dross

sustenance is consumed

and output is energy in speaking holiness

where no vile can taint the innocent

for vileness scorches

singes, and burns

some wield fire to hurt

some to light a flame

…a baptism by fire…

a test of faith

in search of truth

the future is past

when it becomes present


Intention of Purpose

Garden Cross

Is it wrong to wish on a star

or make a wish on a candle

So many mixed messages

the paradox is in the heart

where duality sorts

into one

then to see beyond

and make a wish in all you do


Be pure and true

intention of purpose

to experience and chart

it matters to some

lest upon the rocks they dare to dash

some they give

until they give it all away


It’s not about right or wrong

it’s about being in the experience

and learning along the way

for that is the way

upon a path

few brave enough to tread


so light a candle and make a wish, and say a prayer

for all that matters

is what’s in

your heart


…the way of the cross…

& compass points


Predator or Prey

mud dauber

She says don’t be a fool

like a termites nest

where silly laden women

have moth and decay

things that come my way

say be careful you do not destroy

thus my angle turns to a different point of view

there has to be a different way

pause and reflect

take time to figure it out

ethics and choices

we all live by….

a mud dauber’s nest

with larva

and spider

which one are you

for your choices oft

ponder predator, prey, nor either

yet what are they?

For we live by them

and we die by them…

in the beginning and end all

is made of dirt and clay

yet the soul

is void of death…


The End of the Beginning

what you wont say mariska karto
When a man cares not for the child, that is the end of the beginning
for the needs of the child become long forgotten
I wrote you a letter
tried to tell you it’s a man’s undoing
Was it not so a man’s command to be Caretakers?
Bone of my bone if you cannot protect mother and child
You are no man!
Abortion a sin and some cry out….
keeping the heart of the child in mind
So is it a crime
when you advocate for a woman’s right
when the process
you pass to mother
and she alone will have to bear her shame
in her murder you cast her to blame
Caretakers of what?
The Earth and all its inhabitants….
Sever the child from mother
It is the end of the beginning…..
If a man cannot understand the bond between child and mother…
What could happen?
Lose a Presidency
Lose a wife
Lose a life….
Spare not the rod…..
Spoil not the man
Break a command,
what will it take to understand

Omens & Superstitions


The bird strikes the window
and what do you see
the fires rage the Earth
the quaking and rumbling shall not cease
the forest burns
the animals flee
around me they show me
the signs
I am stricken in my heart
this energy that has drawn me near
it calls to me
and shall I listen
for the pearl
I wonder now
last year
the gift
was it given back to me
my gift rejected
or an affirmation
these questions lurk
for me to answer
the innocent travels with me
and found upon the ground
a miracle
was it to be a gift to another
or a chance to recover
then upon return
the sea had been consumed
my loyal travails
the purging
these signs
I have to ask
does death come for me
time and time again
seeking me
to fail
it seems I cannot go anywhere
without it following me
is that I am to see
now is the time
to forgo
the enchantments cast my way
and be mindful
to not entertain
such notions
to speak of prophecy
or not of omens and superstitions
lest they come and rend me
and all I hold dear
A foreboding and a warning
perchance to turn away
and go not here, or there
to act in stillness
to seek solace
in knowing
all shall be revealed