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I’m just a girl at a heart, with the eyes of a child, with a smile of the innocence of my youth, yet with the wisdom of woman living in a complicated world, introspecting on thoughts, fantasies, memories, and actions that present themselves before me to reflect upon in analytical dissecting thought by observing human interactions, some my own, and some of others, and some just speculative in nature. I have a story to tell, yet untold, however along with the writings are snippets here and there in random order. It is my hope one day to put them in order and weave the story line among the truths, fantasies, and life experiences. See Moonlit Mind Tab for writings added in random order, and the Gallery of Ideas on Pictures Tab for thoughts put on pictures, and the Writings Tab for an alphabetical listing of my pieces. Some content is not suitable for those under 18. By clicking on any of the other tabs, you are confirming you are over 18.

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