Omens & Superstitions

The bird strikes the window
and what do you see
the fires rage the Earth
the quaking and rumbling shall not cease
the forest burns
the animals flee
around me they show me
the signs
I am stricken in my heart
this energy that has drawn me near
it calls to me
and shall I listen
for the pearl
I wonder now
last year
the gift
was it given back to me
my gift rejected
or an affirmation
these questions lurk
for me to answer
the innocent travels with me
and found upon the ground
a miracle
was it to be a gift to another
or a chance to recover
then upon return
the sea had been consumed
my loyal travails
the purging
these signs
I have to ask
does death come for me
time and time again
seeking me
to fail
it seems I cannot go anywhere
without it following me
is that I am to see
now is the time
to forgo
the enchantments cast my way
and be mindful
to not entertain
such notions
to speak of prophecy
or not of omens and superstitions
lest they come and rend me
and all I hold dear
A foreboding and a warning
perchance to turn away
and go not here, or there
to act in stillness
to seek solace
in knowing
all shall be revealed

By Grace

featherless wings

I’m not an angel
harken not here
I am full of sin
I am not your savior
I can save none
You have a choice
to return to whence you come
My trials have been immense
the travesty encircles me in shame
I try to remove its shackles
daily in countenance
My mercy in my actions
to make for recompense
Come not where I am
save yourself
this misery
there is no pleasure in this plight
other than to know
in time it will all be absolved
one way or another
where my soul shall be will be
if not in the hand of the divine
my hope shall carry me
to not falter in faith
to not waiver in action
and if I do
to fall on my knees
and bow my head and pray
salvation is at hand
this life is but a minute
and before we know it
we will see
the slumber
was a dream
this place a testing ground
to find the truth by choice
not a predetermination of our will
but a chance to return
to that which created us
for if my life has purpose
find the message there within
My feathers gone away one by one
all alone exposed by grace a gift
we have to find our way back home…

Come Down Here

come down here

I remember you saying come down here
like it was some place other than where I was
Like I did not know what you meant
Like having things defines a man
which is not the truth
for without character
a man is lost
and a woman is wondering in a sea of oblivion
I remember him saying he saw you talking to angels
You remember me reaching out for the sky
Prayers of salvation even in my sleep
Looking for the footprints in the sand to carry me
I wonder now have we fallen
Were we angels in another time
Did I fall first
and what did I do to come down here
for you to follow me
to this time and place
for if our souls are bound
what is our purpose here to be found
A mere fascination with humans
to observe, to seek to feel, to be a witness
to give an account
Come down here
to lift others up
Come down here
to return to love
He says come down here
yet I came first
now follow me home
I give you the lead
for did you not come to rescue me
and am I not here
to share the map
the treasure clicked
upon the light of the soul
no matter the season
the waves of truth carry me
Come down here, he says
I am already here, she says…
together now prostrate
before the King

Friend or Foe

friend or foe

I’ll admit I had a master
a title to accept or fear…
it was foreboding to say the least
for this Western minded girl being not too sure of Eastern thought and philosophies…
Of course he told me
give me a skeptic any day, they are easier to convince
than those set in their ways of absolutes…
Furthermore he said rarely will a master take on an adult
for they have been too tainted by the corruption of the world
and are much harder to show divine mysteries
for they live in a world of fear…
This struck a resonating chord in me
you see, prior to meeting this teacher from the East
I had done a Bible study for 3 years
where I had grappled with this notion of FEAR…
Now, PRIOR to embarking on the Bible study, I knew to be free and love…
and did not wrap my mind around this notion of anything to FEAR…
Yet, I will admit as soon as this man from a distant land showed up
and told me to have NO FEAR, all of a sudden fears erupted…
It was hard too, because in Romans, I had read about all these actions that lead man astray and it was a bit fearful to contemplate, for all have fallen short, and I had to wonder was there anything to fear in the way I had lived my life…
I admit during the study, I had fears surface, yet reduced it down to there is nothing to fear if one is grounded in love…for that ultimately was the message in 1 John Chapter 4…
I wrote about it, and my writings are a testament to that…
I resolved it to, when one loves, and does no harm to self and others, there is simply nothing to fear…
So, even though I had discovered this on my own, that love and fear cannot coexist….
the words he spoke, he spoke so passionately and boldly about it was almost
like forcing a pill down my throat…
Maybe the medicine I needed at the time to make a connection
to remove my ego!
You know they say when the student is ready the master will show up, so I now wonder if this prior contemplation through Bible studies and processing of spiritual matters may have led to our meeting, for this I do know the 3 year study did foreshadow our meeting,…I say this now, but not back then, as I questioned why me back then? If I were to believe this notion, would this not be a function of my ego, thus I fought him tooth and nail, but I did listen…
For you see he told me there are compass points to live by…
No Fear, No Ego, No Judgments, Love for all people…
Not that we can ever achieve these destinations but they are destinations to strive for…
He said humans are corrupt, and I wrestled with this notion
He said humans need to seek their spiritual nature in their every waking and sleeping thought
He asked me initially as we spoke what the most important thing a human could do was, and I answered him…. it was to think, and he was well pleased with my answer and agreed it was aside from breathing…
He told me when we meet individuals, we internally are gauging if this person before us is a friend or foe, he reduced it down to, “is you my baby, or is you ain’t my baby?”
I was not too sure that was my process…I had to think on that….it sounded somewhat true, yet trivialized by his example, not sure what to think…as I do not think when I meet others, if they are or are not by baby….
Yet, I suppose we do calculate if we can trust or not trust someone to a certain degree just depending on the nature of the interactions…hence perchance there is an inner subconscious working in the mind going on to discern if someone could be a friend or foe…
Furthermore, would it not be wise to figure that out?
Note: I had more on my mind when I wrote this, however I stopped and planned to return to this, but now that I have, I think I shall just leave it as it is for now, other than to say a couple of things.
I know that to accept someone as a master was not something I could readily do, it was too much for me to accept, however the Bible says, you will know a prophet by if their words come true. Over the years, I have seen his words, lessons hold weight, and after all I also came to realize a master is nothing but a teacher, yet so much more. Was I the skeptic who became convinced, not too sure about that, as I walked away from his lessons so many times, only to find later much of what he taught does play out in life. Could it just be the simplicity is there to be found, if we will just open our eyes to it?
Does the world make us numb to seeing simple truths? I know for me, I either was or came to be very opposite of one who gauges if I can trust someone initially. I tend to give trust to others until they show me something in their actions toward me to cause me to remove trust. I think in some respects I have always been like this. I am not sure why?
Of course I might need to cast this notion of me being opposite aside, and contemplate if psychologically what he said is probably more the truth than I realize, as I question if I am deluded in thinking I am not like this because maybe I am at a subconscious level more than likely determining in my relations if those I meet are someone I can trust or not trust to determine at a rudimentary base level of communication and interactions if they are a friend or a foe?
I think even if this is operating at a subconscious level, I tend to observe and listen, and in most cases operate in patience, so who someone is will become manifest over time. Does this mean I am waging an effort to determine friend or foe status…I am still not totally convinced I am…I think in some respects it is a sense of knowing that to give trust to others, eventually who they are will show up, and in that I trust in the process without fear. I think there is a bit of wisdom in trusting others, in order to let them be who they are independent of whether they see me as friend or foe, and independent if I see them that way. I think it is an awareness I have that even in the seemingly lowliest of creatures we can learn something about ourselves, and life. Not that all are lowly in their actions, it is that I tend to not fear if someone is, or not for ultimately their true colors will shine forth as to who they really are.
I do not seek friendships so much, I seek to understand human nature from practically all I meet. I think his mentioning that humans are corrupt was something I found hard at first to understand, but I did come to understand we are spiritual beings living in the flesh, and it does make me realize so many live in the needs of the flesh and often pay little heed to the needs of the spiritual body.
So, in essence I think the question is we may need to ask is, are our actions a friend or a foe to ourselves, our true selves…the divine self within? It is a process to explore, and often I have sought to see the God in everything, and I think when you see the good in others, independent of whether they always act with good intentions; it does help others to turn from hurting themselves and see the good in themselves, at least some individuals who have the capacity to turn away from harming their ultimate goodness they were born with, they may need to return to, before the world shaped them to be a human in flesh.
For I tend to think if we can find the spirit within the flesh, we become a friend to our divine selves, and to others in some ways outside of the constraints of mortal limitations. I think the foe is the burden of our mortal limitations we were born to eradicate…for those wise enough to shed the skin, and its needs, and seek something more outside of the selfish needs of the flesh…especially for those seeking to discover their divine purpose in this life. I think it is trusting in divine grace and wisdom to know even if someone is a foe, that if they are treated kindly by one seeing the good in themselves, no matter if they return the good or deliver evil deeds, that eventually those deeds will be seen for what they are, and then the person has to figure out one day, if they have been a friend or foe of their very own immortal purpose. I think it is the skeptic that has capacity to sort these matters out to find absolutes.
A note of caution: for certainly there are those who are fallen and as such are not your friend. They spread misery, and come as wolves in sheep clothing, let not their misery ensnare you in their pit. I do believe however, if these soul destroyers aim to hurt you, in the end they hurt themselves more, for eventually their deeds will lead them into annihilation of their divine self. Few are brave enough to try to shake these lost souls to awaken, but the truth is sooner or later all will awaken whether it is in this life or the next.
Well, I guess I did write a bit more about this…it is a process unfolding, with many lessons to be learned at every turn, and with every living breath.
Ephesians 6:12
For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Soul Seeker
Some seek to knock the pure of heart off their pedestal inflicting pain in acts, others seek
to lift and protect by loving acts.
The question is what spirit runs through you, one to lift or one to destroy? It can take a life time to work out a path to return to innocence, eliminating actions that bring discord in all they do, and in one fell swoop there can be those who come in wearing masks to care, when in truth they ensnare, and throw themselves into a pit by the deeds they do, and by default attempt to take you with them often unaware, they’ve been led too long by enticing spirits that aim to steal their innocence, and in some strange way have partnered with those deeds.
Beware of those who act as friend, when in truth they are a foe. They’ll unaware pull you into the mud, and blame you for this deed, when in the end their actions they will be accountable for. Little do they often know the harm they do is mostly to their own self, and their own growth of the soul.
You see, I have been told one of our goals in this life should be to earn our soul. I was told it was a misplaced notion to believe we have a soul. I was not quite sure what to think of this notion. However, considering if this is true, what would you do in this life to claim your soul?
Would you fill your life with material things as a replacement, or would you fill your life with spiritual mind and actions knowing there is no harm in doing such? It is not that material things are bad in and of themselves, it is that many work for that and forget about the spiritual. When you fight to win the workings of your soul, and pursue manifesting love and light, all blessings unfold quite naturally, so in the end it matters not what you have externally, for what you have within is all that will matter…because a beautiful spirit spreads light and love wherever they are, and wherever they go. They need not a mansion made by the hand of man, but a kingdom within their heart made by the divine, to shelter their heart.
For the soul is found when the intellect and heart become one. Seek the divine mind, and in time the divine will work through you, so many mysteries to be revealed, yet to those striving in renunciation and aiming to be peace bearers, more miracles they see, in the most simple of things. A testament of love in action, is way, is the path.
An example set in the lives of the prophets and the saints, who picked up the cross, and saw this is the way…no matter the tribulations, the joy can be found in each breath to breathe, until we take our last breath. For did not God breathe the breath of creation into the nostrils of man, to give him life? What you do with that is your choice.
If man can become conscious of each thought and act with each breath, what a wonderful world this would become, to go forth and do no harm to others and to self by manifesting loving acts, and in the end he may just find his heart is his home, and into the divine mind and heart he will come to earn his soul, for that is grace in action, twofold by design. You have to want it, and there you will see, it is free, a river of peace to the free.
Morning thoughts on matters of the spirit, as I wash my mind free of the pain this world can bring. A transmutation of that which aims to destroy into a place that brings eternal joy.
“Come what may…I will love you until my dying day”.
When you love God, you could never harm another, for you seek to be one with love, as a child of God, and in that place, no harm to you or others you will cause as you will treat others as they are a child of God…and if by default you do so unaware, swiftly you will correct those deeds.
If you find the spirit that runs through men is caught up in the seven deadly sins has sought to tarnish your aims in truth, then no more have you to do with such, as it is expedient you walk away from those who aim to knock those seeking the purification of their heart down off their pedestal.
In the shade of the divine, in he will sweep as an eagle to take you under his wing to protect, to take you higher than the depths of the deepest pit.
The highs and lows, all of dual mind, when in the end it is the one mind, not a divided mind we should seek, emulate, and become a vessel to be filled with divine will of purpose.
You see, if you journey through this life, with open heart, it becomes the vessel for your soul to rest.
The path is narrow, but he is the truth and the way, this the message of the Christos.
To be love in action…and walk this path of truth, and if you find you have tarried down other detours, swiftly set to embark back on the path that will lead you home.

Tiller of Hearts
The rain descends
as my tears fall
to be caught up in a world of sin
Trying so hard to find my way
and find the one whom I can make happy
and whom will bring me ecstatic joy
I seek, I see the divine in him
The child that still does not understand
The man has become weary
His nervous tension he keeps active
He turned his energy toward his land
The tiller of soil I do respect!
I plant seeds,
I need a tiller…
a tiller of my soul
I am
surrendered by my actions
they cut and thrash
in faith and process I endure
for all there is ….is love divine
The Ethiopian Ard Plough
The writing of this piece made me remember the Ethiopian plough, which is a tiller of the soil often in times of drought…there is no fertile ground to be found in hearts that have become hard, thus till the heart and plant seeds of love, for some will sprout and others will not. 🙂 I had to laugh and ask myself, am I a plough… and what would it mean to be a plough, which in some respects is a tiller…and I had to think on this, and I suppose in some ways, I am a tiller of hearts, mine most of all. Trying to eliminate impurities…and keep it fertile ground…I suppose.