My Philosophy…

Growing up in America, the fundamental foundations of my youth were in Christianity, however as I became a young adult, I started reading many different philosophies. In my thirties I started reading more about various world religions, and spiritual doctrines. I tend to look for deeper meanings and unified threads of thought among various doctrines and belief systems. I do not get caught up in the divisions, as I tend to believe that is what has caused much strife in this world. I admit I tend to romanticize the noble and beautiful elements of such doctrines dependent on whether I believe it is in the best interest of my human, and spiritual nature to do so. However, along with this admittance, I cannot ignore that I do tend to spend time contemplating the nature of wisdom concerning matters that would lead one astray. This is an individualistic process each individual must weigh on their own.

I tend to often neither accept nor reject such wisdom initially, however life has a way of presenting circumstances to reflect upon. It is often through my own experiences, or the experiences of others that I have observed that often the wisdom inherit in many doctrines surfaces, and that is when my mind’s eye takes notice. Having a somewhat scientific mind, if more and more evidence presents itself to me that seems to coincide with wisdom found in doctrines, then of course it tends to have more meaning, and I tend to find more credence in such wisdom.

I realize at times, it could appear on the surface I have a martyr facet to my personality, however, I believe that I do not at all. I think there is nothing wrong with trying to do the right thing, and being of service to others when the opportunity knocks to do so; however having said that, it does not mean I would dare entertain unethical actions, or become a door mat to those seeking to use, or abuse others. However, from time to time such individuals may cross my path, and I sit and observe, and contemplate their mindset from a psychological and analytical and often spiritual point of view, and sometimes I may interact based on how they interact with me, as I tend to see if there are lessons to exchange as I tend to think some times paths cross for precisely that reason. If I find their actions to be damaging to their own selves, or to my own self, I sever ties, and will not allow them to be in my circle of influence. Spiritual wisdom does assist me in these decisions.

In fact, for me I do believe something created all of this. Given my background was in Christianity, and I did attend Christian schools for 6 years of my life and then did a Bible study for about 3 years later as an adult, I do tend to weigh all other doctrines against the knowledge I have discovered, (whether partial) based on my foundations in Christianity. However, I also understand that many who are born all over the world, they too have their own foundational belief systems they were influenced by, and I respect that. Who am I to say which system of belief is right or wrong. I do however weigh matters too against a sound moral principle independent of dogma. I believe all religions have the same root no matter how many branches stemmed off of the original tenets over time. Naturally, some branches may be weaker than others, and some may have gone completely astray, however I think that is where the human intellect of deductive reasoning definitely needs to come in to play.

For me, I love the notions of a divine love, and whether such sacred unions are real or not, I think it is up to each individual in relations to establish meaning in their relationships. I see in my writings this recurrent theme of seeking a soulful union. It smacked me in the face quite honestly, and made me feel a bit foolish as I realized this upon typing up my writings over the years where similar thoughts were being repeated in different relationships. Yet, for me I am not into idle affairs, not saying I couldn’t choose to be involved with such at any point in time, it is just that when I have, upon retrospection I realized it just caused too much angst and unrest, thus by experience I shy away from those sorts of relationships. Granted not every individual I have had relationships with either subscribed to notions of a spiritual and sacred union and that too had the capacity to thwart the relationships. My writings are more principled, yet in life I tend to come off as more of a free spirit, yet I do honestly attempt to bridle my desires. I make no apologies for seeking and wanting a spiritual union, and I think that is evidenced in my attempts to create those sorts of relationships, whether they last or not.

My imagination dances amidst the world of interactions, and often in and out of spiritual ideologies to implement in actions. Thus, I can be quite wry at times, and cynical as well, as I try to make sense of it all.

After all, it is said we are here to create our reality and define our destiny….in spite of the truth of the caveat, just because one believes something, does not necessarily mean it is true. Thus, I keep seeking for universal truths, and weeding out untruths, most importantly my own. Yet, in full admittance of my own weaknesses, I tend to encourage those close to me to clean their own actions up if I tend to see they may be erring. It is never so much about judging others, it is about over time seeing that universal wisdom operates and when enacted does impact the consequences of our choices, thus I urge those close to me to be mindful of this, and discern the truth of their actions.

So in essence, I believe there is universal wisdom to be found everywhere. Often the most genius of ideas seemingly complex are quite simple, it is up to us to find these gems buried within each of us, and to help one another in our shared human experience.