Let the journey of your imagination begin…

A little about me…

I grew up in the South East and West Coast of the US. My mother and father divorced when I was 2 years old. My mother has been married 7 times. I became a bit rebellious in my teenage years.  I started working at the age of 15. I moved in with my grandmother at that time, and started becoming a young woman, whom slowly started to strive to become more lady like instead of the athletic tom boy I had been between the ages of 11-15. At the age of 19, I married, and was in the relationship for close to 20 years. I divorced and continued on with my studies and received a BS degree in Biology and Microbiology.

During the 3 year separation (prior to legal divorce), I met a man from India who has been a great influence on my thinking concerning actions having spiritual consequences, as well as contributing to influence me to delve into spiritual matters more deeply. It was a continuation of my spiritual path that had been rather sporadic prior to that.

I have had quite a few interesting experiences in life, and I’m well read on diverse topics. I hope to weave a story line around some of my writings one day.  It seems when I take to writing it is usually due to matters of heart that stir within me an impetus to write through it to appease the emotions going through me.

I welcome you into a window of my perceptions, and experiences. At this time there are random ordered writings and sayings on pictures, and there are a few notes about the experiences at the end of some of the writings, as well as on some pieces an audio of me reading my pieces.

For now, I’ll just introduce myself as a woman with the heart of girl. I was born in the month of July in 1962, and as such being a Cancer, having an affinity for being a moon child, I have decided to write using the pen name at this point in time Moonlit Mind

Just a Girl at Heart

A girl at heart always, with the eyes of a child, but ever gaining the wisdom of a woman. Once upon a time, 40 years ago, when I left my mother’s home, and ventured out into the world steadfastly on my own trying to make sense of it all since then. Realizing around the time this picture was taken that I would not offer my heart to another unless the beat of love was present.


My mother’s mother was German, French and Sicilian. My mother’s father was German and Swedish. My father’s mother was Creek Indian. My father’s father was Welsh English. However, my mother’s father speculated that he may not have been the father of my mother. My mother’s mother swore we were of the lineage of the second generation of Marie Antoinette, however her sisters said that was all nonsense, but if my grandfather whom I grew up with was not my mother’s real father, who knows? My mother looks Persian. Both my parents had brown hair and brown eyes. Maybe one day, I’ll have a genetic analysis of my bloodlines done.