The Divine in DNA…why change it?


try to outwit nature

Immortality is in the legacy

of generations throughout time

They claim it will save us

Yet when the weak survive

will natural selection be outsmarted

Will a neural brain interface

be the new immortality sought

Where no longer the genes

we pass down are naturally our own…

The code is being re-written

and the message within it passed on

is no longer untainted

The seeds of misdeeds being sown

and the sacred bonds

perchance broken

intercalated with the synthetic

So many claim to be woke,

yet in slumber fail to awaken

to ponder why…

is it that they do not know,

do not believe of all the possibilities

and fail by default to protect their own

intrinsic natural design…


Just a few thoughts as I have not posted in quite a while…but I cannot help but wonder if man’s attempt to genetically modify and alter plants, animals and now humans is a feeble attempt to influence evolution that may have unknown consequences, not only in the physical realm but in perchance the spiritual realm as well. I cannot help but feel generational consequences will follow.