Soul Seeker
Some seek to knock the pure of heart off their pedestal inflicting pain in acts, others seek
to lift and protect by loving acts.
The question is what spirit runs through you, one to lift or one to destroy? It can take a life time to work out a path to return to innocence, eliminating actions that bring discord in all they do, and in one fell swoop there can be those who come in wearing masks to care, when in truth they ensnare, and throw themselves into a pit by the deeds they do, and by default attempt to take you with them often unaware, they’ve been led too long by enticing spirits that aim to steal their innocence, and in some strange way have partnered with those deeds.
Beware of those who act as friend, when in truth they are a foe. They’ll unaware pull you into the mud, and blame you for this deed, when in the end their actions they will be accountable for. Little do they often know the harm they do is mostly to their own self, and their own growth of the soul.
You see, I have been told one of our goals in this life should be to earn our soul. I was told it was a misplaced notion to believe we have a soul. I was not quite sure what to think of this notion. However, considering if this is true, what would you do in this life to claim your soul?
Would you fill your life with material things as a replacement, or would you fill your life with spiritual mind and actions knowing there is no harm in doing such? It is not that material things are bad in and of themselves, it is that many work for that and forget about the spiritual. When you fight to win the workings of your soul, and pursue manifesting love and light, all blessings unfold quite naturally, so in the end it matters not what you have externally, for what you have within is all that will matter…because a beautiful spirit spreads light and love wherever they are, and wherever they go. They need not a mansion made by the hand of man, but a kingdom within their heart made by the divine, to shelter their heart.
For the soul is found when the intellect and heart become one. Seek the divine mind, and in time the divine will work through you, so many mysteries to be revealed, yet to those striving in renunciation and aiming to be peace bearers, more miracles they see, in the most simple of things. A testament of love in action, is way, is the path.
An example set in the lives of the prophets and the saints, who picked up the cross, and saw this is the way…no matter the tribulations, the joy can be found in each breath to breathe, until we take our last breath. For did not God breathe the breath of creation into the nostrils of man, to give him life? What you do with that is your choice.
If man can become conscious of each thought and act with each breath, what a wonderful world this would become, to go forth and do no harm to others and to self by manifesting loving acts, and in the end he may just find his heart is his home, and into the divine mind and heart he will come to earn his soul, for that is grace in action, twofold by design. You have to want it, and there you will see, it is free, a river of peace to the free.
Morning thoughts on matters of the spirit, as I wash my mind free of the pain this world can bring. A transmutation of that which aims to destroy into a place that brings eternal joy.
“Come what may…I will love you until my dying day”.
When you love God, you could never harm another, for you seek to be one with love, as a child of God, and in that place, no harm to you or others you will cause as you will treat others as they are a child of God…and if by default you do so unaware, swiftly you will correct those deeds.
If you find the spirit that runs through men is caught up in the seven deadly sins has sought to tarnish your aims in truth, then no more have you to do with such, as it is expedient you walk away from those who aim to knock those seeking the purification of their heart down off their pedestal.
In the shade of the divine, in he will sweep as an eagle to take you under his wing to protect, to take you higher than the depths of the deepest pit.
The highs and lows, all of dual mind, when in the end it is the one mind, not a divided mind we should seek, emulate, and become a vessel to be filled with divine will of purpose.
You see, if you journey through this life, with open heart, it becomes the vessel for your soul to rest.
The path is narrow, but he is the truth and the way, this the message of the Christos.
To be love in action…and walk this path of truth, and if you find you have tarried down other detours, swiftly set to embark back on the path that will lead you home.

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