Tiller of Hearts

The rain descends
as my tears fall
to be caught up in a world of sin
Trying so hard to find my way
and find the one whom I can make happy
and whom will bring me ecstatic joy
I seek, I see the divine in him
The child that still does not understand
The man has become weary
His nervous tension he keeps active
He turned his energy toward his land
The tiller of soil I do respect!
I plant seeds,
I need a tiller…
a tiller of my soul
I am
surrendered by my actions
they cut and thrash
in faith and process I endure
for all there is ….is love divine
The Ethiopian Ard Plough
The writing of this piece made me remember the Ethiopian plough, which is a tiller of the soil often in times of drought…there is no fertile ground to be found in hearts that have become hard, thus till the heart and plant seeds of love, for some will sprout and others will not. 🙂 I had to laugh and ask myself, am I a plough… and what would it mean to be a plough, which in some respects is a tiller…and I had to think on this, and I suppose in some ways, I am a tiller of hearts, mine most of all. Trying to eliminate impurities…and keep it fertile ground…I suppose.

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