Forever Be

forever be

You need a girl like me
innocent in pursuits
wishing for nothing more than to please
an open heart to give
I’ve seen so many things
experienced them in the extreme
I know what it means
to walk a path of love
to give it away to all in one form or another
to observe, and learn, and to give
no ego, no judgments, no fear
love for all people and things
the destinations I learned to strive for
in the process I learned to feel
from all points of view
to soar in wealth
and survive without
with only wisdom to guide me
to bleed in persecution
to seek absolution
my saving grace
to stand
yet on my knees I’ll always pray
to surrender to the one for me
For it is not things to comfort me
but a blanket of divinity
in doing what is right
I wish to surround myself within
a love that is pure
to give and to receive
I am the kinda woman
that many men want
yet fail to keep
for as soon as they find me
some tempting spirit
sends in an imposter
and off they fly
with the bait
only to realize later
they were beguiled
I’m the kind of woman
that needs a man of God
one who can recognize
the forces at play
and does not open the door
to their games…
for then such a man
will take my hand
and in his heart
I shall forever be…

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