The Flame Within

Alabaster Christ1


Come to me in alabaster
Make your heart white as snow
Wear my crown upon your head
follow the conscious path
to right acts
Breathe in love
let it be your light
to guide you
for even angels bow
in delight
when alabaster shines
the flame within
grows bright
with each sacrament of love
the veil removed
as pain deflects
and joy abounds
upon the feet
that walk upright
no toil to carry there
within the halo blessed
so shall divine countenance
be upon your life
and all you touch
Come to me in alabaster
make your heart pure and true
for there within no blemish can taint
the chosen one
we choose
with each breath released to remember
the sacrifice to give
the path to walk
to give it all
and never look back
upon our fall
for from grace we came and grace we go
into the abode of home
forever more
*Inspiration the picture, and purpose of facets of the Christos to emulate and manifest…
I suppose this picture caught my eye because it appears to be Christ in alabaster, and lights made of alabaster are to me always so beautiful, they radiate such a beautiful warm light, and the alabaster just seems to have some sort of sublime pristine glow….replace the word alabaster with Christ and there you have it a facet of the Christos…

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