Fence of Misery

fenced in


All you have to do is listen
and realize
in the chatter
the entities all around
pay no homage
to our creator
they mock and make small talk
of those who believe
and is it any wonder
you find yourself ensnared
in a world you wrestle to leave
the longing
will continue
until you find yourself
new company
so many infected with a spiritual disease
soulless aimlessly wandering
good folk and all
yet so misguided
and you know this
on the fence to ride
is not where your joy will be
take the fall and choose a side
listen to your inner guide
and part from such
for their advice (example)
will not take you home
to where your heart
longs to be
in the shelter of divinity
a blessing of purpose
to be found
for in the silence
your heart speaks
and this truth
will not cease
to awaken your eternal cause
for you are a light
if only they could see
yet do not lose yourself
in helping the blind
lead them out
and point the way
else lose yourself along the way
no one said you had to do that
when helping becomes a pit
and you find yourself stuck
the message may just be
it is time to listen
to your soul
and step off the fence of misery
for that is not
where you will be found
in the prisons they create
*Sometimes standing on the fence becomes the prison of our dreams…being too impartial…we fail to remove the barriers in our way to finding our purpose and living our dreams…it is okay to have associations¬† with those whom do not believe, yet on the important relations in our lives it is imperative we are not unequally yoked (being around too many unlike minds), for then we become ensnared in a sea of negative energy, and the fence we stand on, as we think we are being open and neutral, has the capacity to become the fence of our misery, and our very own prison by default we create.


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