By Grace

featherless wings

I’m not an angel
harken not here
I am full of sin
I am not your savior
I can save none
You have a choice
to return to whence you come
My trials have been immense
the travesty encircles me in shame
I try to remove its shackles
daily in countenance
My mercy in my actions
to make for recompense
Come not where I am
save yourself
this misery
there is no pleasure in this plight
other than to know
in time it will all be absolved
one way or another
where my soul shall be will be
if not in the hand of the divine
my hope shall carry me
to not falter in faith
to not waiver in action
and if I do
to fall on my knees
and bow my head and pray
salvation is at hand
this life is but a minute
and before we know it
we will see
the slumber
was a dream
this place a testing ground
to find the truth by choice
not a predetermination of our will
but a chance to return
to that which created us
for if my life has purpose
find the message there within
My feathers gone away one by one
all alone exposed by grace a gift
we have to find our way back home…

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