Come Down Here

come down here

I remember you saying come down here
like it was some place other than where I was
Like I did not know what you meant
Like having things defines a man
which is not the truth
for without character
a man is lost
and a woman is wondering in a sea of oblivion
I remember him saying he saw you talking to angels
You remember me reaching out for the sky
Prayers of salvation even in my sleep
Looking for the footprints in the sand to carry me
I wonder now have we fallen
Were we angels in another time
Did I fall first
and what did I do to come down here
for you to follow me
to this time and place
for if our souls are bound
what is our purpose here to be found
A mere fascination with humans
to observe, to seek to feel, to be a witness
to give an account
Come down here
to lift others up
Come down here
to return to love
He says come down here
yet I came first
now follow me home
I give you the lead
for did you not come to rescue me
and am I not here
to share the map
the treasure clicked
upon the light of the soul
no matter the season
the waves of truth carry me
Come down here, he says
I am already here, she says…
together now prostrate
before the King

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