Omens & Superstitions

The bird strikes the window
and what do you see
the fires rage the Earth
the quaking and rumbling shall not cease
the forest burns
the animals flee
around me they show me
the signs
I am stricken in my heart
this energy that has drawn me near
it calls to me
and shall I listen
for the pearl
I wonder now
last year
the gift
was it given back to me
my gift rejected
or an affirmation
these questions lurk
for me to answer
the innocent travels with me
and found upon the ground
a miracle
was it to be a gift to another
or a chance to recover
then upon return
the sea had been consumed
my loyal travails
the purging
these signs
I have to ask
does death come for me
time and time again
seeking me
to fail
it seems I cannot go anywhere
without it following me
is that I am to see
now is the time
to forgo
the enchantments cast my way
and be mindful
to not entertain
such notions
to speak of prophecy
or not of omens and superstitions
lest they come and rend me
and all I hold dear
A foreboding and a warning
perchance to turn away
and go not here, or there
to act in stillness
to seek solace
in knowing
all shall be revealed

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