The End of the Beginning

what you wont say mariska karto
When a man cares not for the child, that is the end of the beginning
for the needs of the child become long forgotten
I wrote you a letter
tried to tell you it’s a man’s undoing
Was it not so a man’s command to be Caretakers?
Bone of my bone if you cannot protect mother and child
You are no man!
Abortion a sin and some cry out….
keeping the heart of the child in mind
So is it a crime
when you advocate for a woman’s right
when the process
you pass to mother
and she alone will have to bear her shame
in her murder you cast her to blame
Caretakers of what?
The Earth and all its inhabitants….
Sever the child from mother
It is the end of the beginning…..
If a man cannot understand the bond between child and mother…
What could happen?
Lose a Presidency
Lose a wife
Lose a life….
Spare not the rod…..
Spoil not the man
Break a command,
what will it take to understand

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