Yesterdays to come


Sitting in silence I see things from a different point of view. The quiet of solitude withdrawing from the noise yet the voice inside of me speaks.  I could write a book with the things my heart has seen dangerous and most intrepid things. I ventured out with heart in hand to give and in turn I saw so many like me. They had eyes and smiles to give in spite of pain and some still drowning in their flesh of needs not knowing how to be at peace. Some so mired and scathed wanting to break free yet chained long ago to a memory of misery. It imprisons their now they cannot be present to see each second forward paints a new destiny. Unlike me in servitude to others their demons they still cherish in unaware ways for they still lead them to all their yesterdays to come. I shall not follow them there for by grace we each are given each breath a choice to lead the way and if not they see they stay blindfolded by the illusions of despair

… sometimes like me


Just passing thoughts…that visit for a moment of reflections

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