Center of the Sun Contemplation


The essence of the soul is beautiful, limitless without bounds immortal, yet the chains of the flesh are gross in all their forms magnified, bound to decay mortal and destructible. Ever become one with the water to bleed through the skin the blood of this life to see it is all an illusion of despair to escape back into the light from the darkest backdrop of life. Somewhat maybe like piercing through the veil of the flesh to see the soul shining through everywhere. Dance the dance of the immortal if you dare, to see love in the most ugliest of creatures, for their shell hides the light within we all have eyes to see if we could awake to become free amidst the choice we have been so mercifully granted. A gift too many have eyes not to see for when the dross fades away all that we truly are shall manifest, and will you shine like the light of stars or fade into the dark abyss of nothingness? Once awakened to see, no slumber ever befalls thee, and clinging to your bed of delusions is no longer of comfort to the essence of who you are truly gifted to be, yet it is a choice, free to make through the liberation found at the interface between dimensions…for it is the soul that touches the flesh, not the flesh that touches the soul… there is a difference and at the crux lies misery or happiness…


Ever notice how some old people have dull eyes, and how some people no matter how old they look, their eyes shine like the sun. Why is that? I tend to think it is some souls are so bright all you can see is their light. Aspire to that! It kind of reminds me of that saying (paraphrasing) become who you were before the world told you who to be. Like your essence is given this body, and you have a choice to let the world get into you and dull your shine, or you can choose to light yourself up. lol Get Lit from the inside out! Another parallel too, is like the saying of being in a boat within the world not letting the water inside. Another thought too…Sun worshippers trying to bring the external within as compared to other religious notions to be like Christ by emulation of the Christos…to manifest light from the internal to the external. Then of course there are those who think the Europeans and the Council of Nicaea twisted worship of the Sun to the worship Son by creating myths. Yet, Joseph Campbell’s Power of Myth illustrates how the power of myth can manifest in lives. This too something neuroscience studies…religious/spiritual experience resides in the electrical impulses within neurons/brain waves in the temporal regions and does affect the mind and body. Even brains of meditators can achieve gamma states at will over time. So, there are mysteries unknown in how beliefs shape reality. At a simple level it would stand to reason being positive aligned in truths, negative energy manifestations dissipate in the practitioner. It’s how you see matter that shapes your reality, yet finding truth is it ever truly found and within truth is duality existing or non-existent? Is truth outside of the constraints of time dimensions? Perchance it is about the wisdom of experience in time that leads the way out of time. And so faceted is the wisdom of experiential events each must seek truth of their own accord within the embodiment of mortal and immortal elements coexisting…there are no shortcuts to truth but is it not there all along? Can truth be defined or is this too a notion of an illusion? Then I think what is, just is…and how even Buddhism espouses to accept that notion with non-attachment. If we are to think on matters of raising consciousness where we see connections amidst all matter then how can we remain unattached to our purposes? It would be impossible. What is our purpose? Is it to care, or not to care…how to care and be unattached…I suppose is akin to light dispersing amidst the shadows…just by its nature…it just does without attachment yet where is its source? If not in you then what are you made of…if not the same elements in the stars? Out of chaos order is ever changing as energy and matter is ever transforming. Mind and heart intention…electrical magnetic and beating like a vibration…be an instrument of the music you create. Be static or dynamic…ride waves in harmony or out of synch…can we ever jump off the carousel revolution as we spin through space….to spin out thoughts like rays of light…undefined far reaching never ending dimensionless.


Metaphorically ~ can we be the light to keep our hearts warm by closing our eyes and seeing the Sun to let darkness not make us undone? The light can illuminate and darkness will seem to fade away, yet often it is still present no matter how much light reflects and is dispersed. Yet, too there at the interface where light touches the dark a chance to jump into the wave of light and ride the darkness of illusions no more. A mystical moment to let the dark go…where all there is, is light. Yep, these are like visualizations of letting go of all that reins the charioteer of darkness to pervade thoughts, cells and energies. We are the master navigator of our destination, are we not? What would you create if you dared to imagine it is within your power to define who you are?


inspired thoughts from listening to Center of the Sun by Conjure One

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