Welcome, let the journey of your imagination begin…


I’ve added under this tab writings in random order I have written over the years. I have alphabetized them under the Writing Tab. I have put various sayings, and musings on pictures which can be found under the Gallery of Ideas on Pictures Tab. Maybe one day, I’ll weave the story line around the writings and pictures.

I must add, not everything written is truth, some things are fantasy pieces built around fragments of observations I have made either from my own experiences, or from the experiences I have observed play out in the lives of others.

Sometimes it is easy for me to write from a flow state, and at other times not so much from a flow state, thus some pieces are often better than others; however I don’t let the pieces that are not that great stop me from writing. I have found that if I just keep writing, good, bad, or indifferent, gems on occasion miraculously appear on the page. I keep my imagination active, and I hope you will find your thought processes actively engaged in your own imagination should you take an interest in my writings.

I also should note, as much as I try to do the right thing in my life, as evidenced in my writings, I fail miserably at times as also evidenced in my writings, please do not take anything I write as advice (disclaimer), certainly sift for the meanings for your own truths(qualifier). Many things written are in metaphor and are meant figuratively, not literally.

If you are under the age of 18 some content may not be suitable for you to read, so just don’t!


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