Italy Sings

italy sings

There is something so surreal about all of this. A reminder that the basics is essential, like food, & shelter to life. Does it take a threat of a global pandemic to drive us back into a close nit existence, where we can see what matters most? To find positivity in the smallest of gestures to help ourselves, and one another. The Italians singing from balconies today, just makes me stop to ponder such things. For when the people are empowered to take their power back, once they have the basics, like food, & shelter with no need to be a slave to one another through daily work routines, they freely resort to lifting one another up, through gaiety, and songs. It seems through these things we return to our heart, and from that place we bridge matters of the soul to reach out to the world and lift our voices! OUR VOICES, not those of the global task masters, but perchance throughout all this we can find out who we truly are as a human species, and collectively learn to love the simple things, and realize when it all comes down to it, every life is valuable, and we all have a duty to remember this, and perchance for a MOMENT, we can hold on to this moment, when all else returns to normal, and all the divisive energies start bombarding us again, to resist the temptation to join them in their chaotic whirlwinds that they will sing lulling us back into their trance of a dance. Wouldn’t it be nice, without threat of death and disease, we could all just say, no I am not going to work today, I think I will stay home, and sing songs with my neighbors today, for by doing so, we will unite the world.


The human spirit is beautiful when it sings!

The human spirit is beautiful when it creates from the heart!

When the human spirit returns to the heart, it sings, and creates a home for us all.

Lessons learned from a virus of all fucking things!

As I sit and watch through my window, leaves fall from the trees amidst a backdrop of a foggy mist in the air, and to know in the world humans are suffering, as we all grapple with unknowns to know that if we just sit still, and return to the home of who we are, we have a choice to fill the void with songs and love.

Who are you, and what is your gift to the world to give when all you have to give is of you and you alone?

It is found perchance within the gift of breath we were given, and to that which we have purpose to give.



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