I want to go fishing to listen to the streams

or down by a river to become lost in a forest of dreams

Running to and fro amidst the lights and sounds

makes me want to retreat away from it all

for my heart has needs to be free

so open I have laid it at your feet

is it any wonder it comes undone

not ready for it to be pushed away

so to the birds I shall watch play

and get lost among their songs

and listen in silence to what nature says to me

away, away from it all

a time to contemplate

the simple things that lift and penetrate

and tell me all is well

and to know time flows like a wave

to wash over me

and take me with it wherever I must go

to find the love to give

to bridge the connections

we all must make or break

to find the paradise of dreams

if but standing alone

in wishes to be at your side

like a penny tossed into a fountain

maybe one day to be found

the diamond in the rough

it seems is all I am

yet to eyes that see

the priceless ruby

whose treasure is buried there

for the one ready

to touch upon all that is real

where fears no longer rule the day

and the light of love shines the way

to merge two as one

if but in dreams

a secret desire of the heart

to be held

by the one

who’ll hold me near

Until then in the forest I shall be found

sitting amidst its sounds

listening to the call

of the wind that carries me upon its wings

as I seek guidance from all that sustains

this life

to keep a heart as open as the sky

to become refreshed in knowing

it is my path to walk

and never shall I let the vultures

pick me clean of all that I have to give

eternal and lasting

to shine like rays of light casting shadows upon the dark

one day I pray to not walk this path alone

yet if that is what I must do

I shall forbear it with all my might of strength

and if I fall, I pray the lord my soul to keep



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