Demons Don’t Own Me

Demons dont own me

Artist: Carlos Quevedo

Demons Don’t Own Me

Chalk it up to demons winning again

Be mindful to not become one of them

Not to do their bidding

Not to join them in the demise of love

Not to join them in despair

Not to join them in their misery

To love without fear

They will swiftly lurk near in awe

Seeking to drink from love’s cup

To take and empty your heart

To drown you in a fire of hell

If you allow their energies

And welcome them in unaware…

Protect yourself

And bridle your mind

Cut off the dark

And take actions born of light

Keep faith girded around your loins

Invite not disaster and catastrophe amidst your ranks

When you find love

Guard it with your life

Lest ye fall prey to those energies

That seeks to ensnare you in their pit

And rob you of all that is innocent and bliss

Leaving you to die

Enticing you to believe in lies

When the truth of love is all there is to hold dear

Yet beware their aim is to steal your soul

Rest your love in the bosom of the divine

For all else is lost to principalities

Who will suck you dry

No satiation to be found

As they leave you a shell

And find another soul to claim

In the end the path they lead you on

If you do the biddings they whisper in your ear

Will leave you desolate

And in that state you will become aware

Of how you became one with the thieves of the night

Cast these chains off

And return to the light

For in this is the fight of your life

To love again

When love seems so far

It is a choice to recover

To ascend to once more

For salvation of all that is pure

Demands your focus and unencumbered drive

To fight off the cloak of demise lain at your feet

You willingly wrapped around your mind by default

Not paying heed to energies cast as stumbling blocks along the way

The wise are mindful to stand in the light

And shake off clinging darts of the dark

For their hearts will not allow penetration of these blows

If grounded in truth

And love divine

For even those who shine light

Often get cast amidst the un-wise who get ensnared

For a time or two they will drown in pain

To see the torture of being a pawn

Shake off the dust from your feet

And step again once more on sacred ground

The only way to gain a footing to stand

And conquer the aims of love divine

Be careful in this, and don’t lose sight

When all hopes and dreams and love are lost

The death lulls you in…

And the fire of the loss is debilitating to extremes

Keep vigilant

Lest you die at the hands of their delight

Let them not conquer your soul

Pick up the sword, and fight to live

When all hope is lost

Find it again somehow, some way

Refuse to be their pawn

And refuse to believe in their lies

Recover your will to live

And reclaim your love divine

For this I know…

Demons* don’t own me

And never will

Be careful you have not joined them

In their attempts to destroy my soul, my love, my light,

Lest you falter and lose your own divine attributes

Being led astray

Into the whisperings of seduction luring you to betray

Your very own purpose to love…and to be loved


2/14/17 10:22 am

*Demons are akin to negative energies depending on one’s spiritual mindset, for love has a frequency of its own, and thus does the other end of the spectrum where fear resides, and is responsible for all manner of device, where sensuous angels beguile.


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