It’s all about YOU

about you

Photography by: The Right Reverend Styrofoam as he wishes to be called.

It’s all about YOU


You wrap yourself in a disguise to leer unsuspecting eyes to peer

And come into your world, where you strut and create a desire…


The mind games begin, the eyes penetrate


What do they see, a fear of intimacy


A fear of ego manifestations taking form


A heart in despair, drinking from the cup of others


But never getting enough, left in wanderlust


For sins and rectifications of the past worn like a noose


A chain that binds you


The game you play has sadly played you…


You tell yourself you are a friend


Yet to yourself you walk into the dives


With a mask that is enchanting, to hide behind


As you seek in others something to set you aflame


Yet if it is not your own fire you create, it’s nothing but a lure


Tempted into the world of illusions


The disharmony and disease reign afflictions too many to tell


Yet in turn, you look back and this is what you see…


You think you are free


But in breaking others, you break and chain yourself to these miseries…


The pursuit of pleasure always lands pain in the end


The pursuit of truth always shines the light on freedom in the end…


If you cannot be real with yourself to yourself, to no other can you ever be exposed

To be accepted, one must be exposed and open and completely vulnerable…for otherwise the hidden elements…are secrets


The secrets kept lead to an ambiguity of mind, where duplicity plays and lurks for the one who keeps secrets can never trust they are truly accepted for they have not shared themselves completely…they cannot trust they are accepted and in turn their trust of others is jaded, and stilted and askew…


Right yourself, and be authentic, but first stop lying to yourself.


Shatter your illusions…and seek the truth of every moment…


To walk in the light, or hide in the night, or linger in the shade betwixt the two…we have a choice, often difficult to face and even more difficult to make, once faced…nonetheless there is a choice!


Open up your heart to the light, let it clean away the imperfections, make meaning of the lessons, and refresh your spirit…


For, I think if you keep hiding your soul in the night of the illusions to opiate your true desires…forever there you may walk…


There is a time for this, and a time for that, until there is no more time for that.


Wake up, to the beauty of you, but you must cut ties to delusions that ensnare you…Work on cutting your own delusions first, and prepare yourself a home for the truth to reside.


My message today…for you, for me, and for truth…in hopes to find it, and be open for it to reside in me…and wishing most of all, it will come to rest in you!


1/7/17 early in the morning


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