Tragic Comedy

It’s such a tragic comedy

The pursuits of love

The irony is he

is just like me

in some respects

Running to love

Hot in pursuit

then it falls

and a new chase begins

unlike me I sit and wait

often too long

so when I give

I am ready to receive

Such a tragedy

when two meet


who have journeyed so far

a stalemate occurs

One brazened by affairs

closes off

and one softened by humility

opens up

The one receiving

imagines fears

and withdraws

The one giving

questions their presence

and retreats

and off again

time and time again

Running in circles

until the lessons are learned

time can make sense of matters

and time can heal

yet time discarded confuses sanity

and time can divide

Some things can prick the heart

for it is a funny thing

one never knows

how the piercing of it shall unfold

a truth to poke the ego

turns it on its head

and venting frustrations

simmer and burn

and often explode

a truth to poke the heart

closed off

will test

and often harm itself

Both wrestle with their demons

never quite understanding

that to each they could conquer

if the battles each faces

and has been through

were acknowledged and left

and the sword of defenses

were laid to rest

perchance then

acceptance would be a foundation

upon which trust was formed

for without it

all is lost

and the demise

of the past

becomes the victor

of the days

of our tomorrows


When life plays the individuals it is tragic

it is almost comedic if not so wrenching

to know that if one were but to honor life

one would not get so easily swept away

when underneath it all we all struggle at times

to love and be loved

yet often those caught up in moments

end up pushing and pulling and fighting

these needs of the spirit




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