On My Mind

You are on my mind when I sleep and when I wake

I want so much for you to be free

I know the pain it visits from time to time

yet let it not destroy you

Embrace it, then release it

until it comes again

yet what shall you learn from it each time it pays a visit

Stop not learning, stop not breathing

It is okay to cry

It is okay to mourn

But better yet it is to live and to love

embrace your heart

remove the fear

and be to yourself the parts you desire from the parent you never had

you wished for and needed so desperately

the parts to tell you

you are beautiful and dear

for my friend

that you are

beautiful and dear in all your highs and lows

give yourself a chance to heal

I think of you morning and night

and pray for your healing…

I’d like to tell you that

yet at the risk of sounding too sincere

you shun my aims…to just let you know I care…

knowing full well, it is foreign to you

something too you would perchance fear

and push away….

so in silence I will continue to pray

and when the time is right

your heart will come to know

the light

is always there….

to see today



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