In Search of Eden


Is it possible to return to Eden? Of course in metaphor, yet in actions what would it take to return to a state of harmony? There is so much discord all around. We have moral compass points some follow, and for some they are outright immoral in their actions bobbing along never fully cognizant of charting their course through life, or worse yet choosing a nefarious path, come what may. Then it seems we have so many who get caught in a view that is amoral, not choosing to assign any path to a right or wrong way of being.

Will morality point us in the proper direction to find states of harmony, and could the compass points of morality embody the way of truth that could entice the human mind to follow in the direction of human accord in conscious thoughts and ways of being, given even within spiritual doctrines, many espouse the divisions and perpetuate hate? It really is a moral dilemma to contemplate. The amoral individual often finds oneself in a state of nihilism retreating from cause and effect, yet still affected by it no matter the cognitive rejection or perchance denial of such. The immoral individual is a beast unto itself, and their acts unfortunately have great capacity to sow seeds of discord and damage and destroy any chance of harmony in the lives they influence and impact.


What would it take for us to all be of one mind, a unified mind to create, and perpetuate actions that lead to harmony and accord in the conditions manifested in this life? Certainly philosophers, and theosophists have been seeking these answers for centuries. Are the answers found within the 10 simple and basic commandments, that all have broken? There is an irony to evaluate them for their simplicity in coming to understand the complexity within them, as all have failed to live them all, in their actions. Inherit in their directive is a tragedy to realize we all fall short, and perchance that is why so many just put them away from contemplation. Does it take on a turn of karma to be mindful of? Does being cognizant of karma spur us to accept a notion to be careful what we do in general in order to assist us to consciously choose to do no harm? Are we not even reminded in karma to be fearful of actions that may come back to visit us? Is it in the notion of a Zen like state we should aspire to rise above the conditions of the world in hopes to derive into an ascended way of being? In Crossing the Threshold of Hope, even John Paul II stated that some beliefs espouse the world as negative but not one to necessarily transcend in hopes to be removed from evil but one to be saved from through accepting Christianity, and in that process the world is not a bad or evil place to have to seek ascension from. Is practicing the golden rule the way to bliss? When all around us we have so many divisive energies and minds and all manner of intellects screaming to be heard; it is so hard to know at times which way to turn and which voices to heed in this sojourn here on Earth while we all inhabit the dross of the flesh that has its needs.

Does our spirit go inward, and find the silence of our heart to listen to its direction? Yet, if a heart is ensnared in amorality or immorality or duplicitous morality , what good would that do such individuals who are somehow devoid of combining the heart and intellect in one accord to seek peace, and harmony, and seek to offer that in all their dealings? Where is the poison to our spirits in this world coming from? Is it within us these poisons exist all along, and our charge in life is to learn to recognize and extract them from ourselves, or is it something external we have the capacity to draw into us at any given point in time, and by default allow them to direct our motives? Is there an age of reason where individuals must wrestle with the choices before themselves, and learn to discern how to think, and operate in the energy manifestations they put forth and align with to take responsibility for?

Can we ever return to a garden where all our mind, body and spirit needs can be met? Did we lose it forever, as is suggested in Paradise Lost by John Milton? Is this a place that never can exist again? I tend to think there has to be a conscious way of being that employs a universal wisdom and standard of knowing and awareness to help us all come to understand certain actions will lead to consequences where the outcome of our acts will lead us either into discord or lead us into accord. Not to get mired in a duality, for a divided mind is an unstable mind, yet to recognize, when we err to make amends to change course to make conscious choices in hopes to create an Eden in our lives. Is it really up to us to either make a Heaven or a Hell out of our affairs, and our conditions in this life? Of course we do not live in a vacuum, and others have the capacity to affect us, yet what must humanity do at an individual and collective level, to raise the bar of intellect to get people to become conscious of their contributions to the whole of the sociological relations affecting us all?

For me I tend to think I do not want to be unequally yoked to those who follow immoral and amoral compass points, as well as those caught up defending  a false morality of sorts that creates contentions and strife. It seems to me the immoral and the amoral make good bedfellows, yet the truly moral minded in purity of thought with either the amoral or immoral will suffer discontent. For where there is amorality and immorality that tends to be all that is left ultimately in the wake of those actions, a suffering and discontent where disharmonious conditions are dynamically in flux and self generating as a result. Certainly to know that can be the impetus to avoid such ways of being, yet why do so many not see this, and continue to act in amoral and immoral ways?

Is there merit in raising our awareness at an individual level in hopes to raise the collective consciousness not only to be found within ourselves but as an aim to impart an enlightened way of being to those all around us? Could harmony be found in elevated ways within those whose connections between heart and mind drive their intellect? Do individuals resonate with the energies they create and manifest, and if so, how does that shape the energy around them and that they send out into the quantum fields around us all? After all our thoughts are electric and magnetic, are they not?

I think it may be possible to resonate at such a high frequency where harmony and accord can be achieved. Perchance a message inherit in spiritual directives to seek to be in divine accord would by default raise the vibratory consciousness to see things at an enlightened level of awareness. I also tend to think the more waves of this energy manifested, at a quantum level, it is radiated outward from the source, all the while being in source. I think in some respects part of the collective consciousness is a constructive wave interference where harmony abounds, and perchance within such a state glimpses of  Eden can be found. For the source of this energy can be found within us all and all around us, and maybe it just takes a conscious effort for us to develop a connection with the divine source within us, in order for us to be found within the realm where divine source exists all around. Could we raise our energy and vibratory frequencies to come in sync with the divine supernatural waves immortal and eternal found all around, and could this journey lead us to be found within the garden gates?


Just thoughts today….1/13/2018

Note: I told a friend the other day I think I’d rather be an Edenist than a Hedonist, as I was trying to get them to think about their past hedonist ways and consequences of those ways that manifested in their life by encouraging them to introspect and to reflect. I’m making up words again in the use of the term that came to mind to be called Edenist!

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