It’s Like Rain

like rain 1

It’s like rain

In the pools of our soul I swam

Into the flow of the stream

Toe to toe

Tip to finger to touch

onto the banks we landed

To heaven our deeds were seen

from the light into the shadows

I ran to escape

From being entrapped

It was like rain

Pouring down chemicals in the brain

To opiate the dross

To wring it all out

like a well unearthed

I am grounded

into another journey to step

It’s like rain

behind me

like flooding waters down a street

I turn away

spiraling fast down the drains

from beginning to end

I am released

the storm it came and went

not forever grasped

like rain

within a cloud floating by

I become light as a feather

washing it all

no more thunder inside

the tide is calm

where I reside

in stillness

the air I breathe

is clean


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