The Beer in Your Bones, Bury the Bottle, Your Feet, & Hallowed Ground

Beer in your bones

Burn the bones

The pile is high

And you are underneath

You put me here with you

So do what you must do

With all your flesh and sinew

The sole of your feet

Has led to the dirt of this destruction

Where the ground is singed

In the blackness of your treachery

Among the ashes and the smoke

You lay your treasure

Buried in the grave of all your travesties

To the tip of the lies the spade it pierces

And ricochets the point back to your heart

What will it be to make you see

Must your heart bleed out upon the barren land

For you to realize what has happened at the cause of your command


Crush us all bones and flesh and all

Pile us high one by one

First yourself and then your ghost

It heaves the mother, child and me

And all the others

Crush us all one by one

Bury us all with you

Make us all feel your pain

Will that take it all away

Melt away we burn for you

You led us here for this you do

To love you, you burn us all

For you think you are not worthy

What did we do but try to show you

And this is the thanks we get to be led astray

To this grave of bones burning in the shadows

You make us the ghost of who we once were

For our spirit you take into this realm and from the abyss we scream


How much alcohol has made your bones

It will be you to be first to be caught aflame

Stop the drinking the scourging and fanning of this fire

Can’t you see this is not the dream you were born to create


Rise from these ashes and land upon fertile ground

A destiny awaits where the fruit of the garden abounds

Come out from among the thistle and the thorns that choke you

And take your world away into the bone pile of your days of hate

It is time to let it all go and make haste

to live a life free from the spirits that drink your soul to keep

Stop inviting them in for when you do it is another bone for you to have to bury


Pile them high

And let those wanton spirits die

Let them drown in the bottle all alone

Get out and save yourself

No one but you can do this

For the grave you dig is wide and who will be there at your side

When it is all said and done and the end is come

Who will lay in that grave, will it be the grave you have dug for you

Or will you cease to entertain the spirits that come in to you when you drink

and let them fall into the wasteland that they create


Escape run and save yourself

Run and escape and protect those you love

Stop taking them into the cemetery bar and making them your slaves

Stop making us all dig your grave


For it is your bones on the pile

Wake up and get away from those inebriating spirits

They are not your friends

That lure you to take our bones with you


Run, Run, Run before it is too late

Away from being the zombie the demons enslave you to be

That you by your God given choice keep pouring booze into


Where does your honor stand on this planet

When you are caught in the winds of disillusionment

Riding the spirits of the air as you willingly consume their fire

Is not Heaven your home and your aim

Did God plan for you to become a spirit in the wind

Can’t you see it is up to you which force you choose to let lead you

Stop letting the booze desecrate your name and give to God your shame

And never more shall your bones be led into the fire that a million beers could never save


For it is not the beer in our bones

That put us on this pile

But the beer in your bones

That piled us up high

And burned us all to the core through and through


Bury the Bottle

Bury the bottle my friend

Before the bottle buries you

The fiery spirit that lives within it

Will consume you in the end

Let not the bones become weakened

By the building of them with the booze

Take back your choice to build your temple

Holy and New, You can Begin Again

So I please beg you to bury the bottle my friend


Your Feet

Where you Plant Your Feet

Is that where you choose to think

And what is it you think of

In such an inebriated state

Does the drinking aid your desires

Or does it consume your dreams

And leave you in dires


Hallowed Ground

Where do your feet take you love

Are you walking on hallowed ground

Or are you drifting from town to town

Visiting bars and chatting with spirits

Whose only aim is to make you drown


Written on September 22, 2007


Black Pearl & Stow Away written about this same individual


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