The Grand Delusion

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When you open up and pop that beer,

You invite the demons to come in

You think you are a merry drunk

That is an illusion

For you give over you mind

To the Grand Delusion

How must it feel to always apologize

For the actions taken you often don’t remember

The drunken perceptions full of demise

Where realities are distorted and the truths haunt your memories

And another day ensues built upon a created web of lies

That is the creation of your day to recreate this day and forget the night before

But all the nights before cannot be drank away

By continuing to drink each night away

For they flood into the mind with the coming sunlit day

Oh what will it take for you to see yourself

When you run away each and every day

It is your weakness that causes you to drink

For you are too caught in self pity

To pick yourself up and do what you should do

It is much easier for you to point fault at others

Than turn the microscope on you

There is no need for you to be a danger

But you serve danger’s needs well

All because you will not forgive yourself

So live in your mistakes and let them define you

Is that serving you and those you love well

You are so blinded unable to let go

And escape the bottle you’ve put yourself in

All by your own choice to flee into a fantasy

And be on stage to entertain to forget the pain

But this marionette’s dance is dead

Can’t you see it’s killing you and all those who watch

Are horrified and left standing in applause to veil their feigned smile

That covers their sheer and unadulterated sadness and futility to not know how to help

So go ahead and pop that beer and cheer tomorrow this day to forget


September 2007

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