The Black Pearl & Stow Away


Black Pearl

Tossed into the sea along the shores I walked

to come in from the storm

his eyes glistened

and in a moment

his hook outreached to me

Into his hand I played

as he said he would protect

me from the winds

for just a chance to sleep

underneath the waves

Like a genie he sang to me

and ask me what were my 3 wishes

a song he wrote long ago

he still plays out to the breeze

His legacy and history

a pirate’s tale for sure

for six years his life

imprisoned for the murder

of a deacon of his church

the bone pile marks his heart

for such an accident of fate

landed him in the dark

he sings of Bethlehem

and where it all began

he finds the melody in flow

scribbling it on the wall

he hits the nail upon the mark

when he sings the evil ones know where it all began

Running free from enchained memories

yet caught ensnared within his own net

he drinks enough to fill the seven seas

one day while standing on the hill before me

overlooking the bays

we parlay an exchange of poetic cadences

in rhyme and time

and when it comes to an end

he says, would you not do what I do

if you had to live with what I’ve done

the messiness of life

the blood baths we all face

as we fear we have fallen from grace

his history of 12 generations

of Blackbeard of the past

the moonshine and the hillbillies

upon the mountains of Grandfather mountain

for within his bones too lies the sacredness of the Cherokee

and within me generations of the Chiefs of the Creeks

in the morning by the shack

where surfers come and shade

he draws out a circle

and I knew in an instant

there was something there

I was meant to see

little did he know

of how on my walks alone

in the sands alone

my prayers often flowed

His story so untold

not to bring shame to the star

from his loin he guards

like a breastplate

kept from his harm

yet a minstrel in the air

is often played

where those who know not

hear the messages learned

the depth of knowledge

to be jaded

and come out

to walk softly on the Earth

for it is a garden in your heart

he knows the loss of innocence

and to it

his songs return

Against the backdrop of pirate ways

throwing swords to the fans of ceilings

never fearing where they land

his hooks

entrap him when too much

sadness drowns his every cell


Stow Away


He stole my heart

He put his hook in

and pulled me up

and looked me in my eye

and he said

you are my treasure

Forever more shall I miss

his embrace and magical kiss

His looming stare

His howling-s at the moon

His laugh

And all his crazy pirate ways

I am imprisoned

by his touch

and by my love

I cannot lay to waste

on the bone pile left

to the miseries

and pain of history

I wonder if he still cares

Or if I am just some token

lying with all the rest

The treasures spread out

on the ground

too sacred to tread

too vile to recompense

Was it all in jest

to sooth his unrest

I lick my lips and peer

trying to understand

He is with me always

Hypnotic melodies calling out to me

And in my soul I find solace

Yet in this life I walk alone

in mourning of what he has

of mine I can never have back

For my heart bleeds eternally

impaled and hooked


Note: The weather pulls him to my shores from time to time, and his songs of late

are more beautiful than ever, his soul longing to cleanse its pain, on his journey

he carries a mustard seed of faith….to remove the tombstones from his eyes.

He sings of salt and light, for that is what he is becoming…

He says he always comes back for his fallen riders…

Yet to cast back to me

is not where I am…to be found…

for I gave the pearls of wisdom from the heart

and within him they will always be…

yet I know a pirate’s life is not for me…

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