An Irish Rose


I’ve seen your face before

Somewhere in my dreams

I’ve seen those eyes

seen your smile

Seen your gaze penetrating into mine

Piercing my heart to take notice

lighting my soul

Lifting me to see a spark in you


Something present

so familiar

something so fresh you seek

but something so known in me

Like no place but home

In me, you see who you used to be

And where you’ll always

yearn to be




The rose and

it’s addictive thorns,

remember that,

not looking back….

total knock out

cold out flat…

severed me from you

for I gave the gift of divinity

and it was just

another tourniquet

for something craved

but the vines of the past

pulled you back

into addictions

you could not kick

the land of the living

you could not take

and back into

your prisons

you became


maybe one day

you’ll remember

the messages exchanged…

and find your own divinity

you’ve slowly given away

an Irish Rose

fades away…

yet every once in a while

a letter

full of threats

when in the end

it is something else


that needs good riddance…

when into the arms of the divine you fall…

one day, I pray…

lest your demons

seal your fate.


December 15, 2017


Society’s little revolving door problem making lepers out of addicts, maybe they’ll one day find a way to cure these matters just like they did leprosy.

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