An Angel’s Gift

angels gift
It seems so surreal
an angel passes by
he gently says you are beautiful
my eyes glance over and away I walk
a divider stands between us
again our gazes meet
he says I am older than you
yet he looks so much younger
I cannot help but wonder how old he is
we speak for a minute
as I was walking out the door
he invites me closer
and I leave
and he blows a kiss
what is it all for
the rose has wings
it predestines things to come
and words of a kiss
blow one my way
it is all so surreal
to see an angel
passing by…
who speaks
the many languages to lift the heart
as he says
you are beautiful
in Italian, Spanish, and French
So surreal
I have to smile
at all the un-hidden gems
that shine light
to the broken
to the lovesick
amidst the overwhelming grief
to see so much cruelness and insensitivity
in lives around
yet when an angel speaks
it makes me realize
there is beauty to be seen
in all its subtleties
reminds me of a desert once parched
when water finally quenched the ground
the simple things to give thanks for
a kiss in the wind
lingering there
upon the wing
of an angel’s
to my heart
it’s all so surreal
it seems…
an angel passes by
foretold by a rose
and a memory of a kiss…
something beautiful to behold…
Messages come in 3’s
kinda like a trinity!

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