In Memories of a Kiss


In Memories of a kiss

I just wanted to

kiss his cares away

touch his skin

to unwind his mind

let him feel relief

to open his heart

and seek to touch me…



into the starlight merged

a moment of bliss

found in a kiss

where open hearts burned

lights of infinity channeled

to build a bridge from you to me…

waiting to return

to tuck myself in

and you in to me…

to melt into

each other’s arms…




Fools make folly of such simple things

yet the wise know with just one kiss

the energies of two can harmonize

with each other

with every breath

between the beat of hearts…

oh where oh where has my little dog gone

with its tail so long

wagging it out for

every fish to see

such nuance

to eyes that see

from a different point of view….

out giving his energy

to tails in disguise

for he is the King

of his own demise

for he fails

to search

the matter

high and low

and in the end

in the doghouse

alone he goes….

you know those little cages for animals…

who know not

how to use deductive reasoning wisely

or how to use the energy they have been given

to bridge a light

between two hearts…

but hey after all a dog

is a man’s best friend,

not so sure it is a woman’s best friend…

no matter its ability

to hump the leg

of everything it sees…..HA!


Note: Started to date someone, yet had to decided to not go any further than a kiss for he is one of these types caught up in a mid life crisis of sorts, always on dating sites, and I decided he was just not the one for me. Yet, I did create a few fantasies in hopes initially it might turn out to be a good thing, but in the end, I had to let that fish swim back to sea. So many western men, know nothing of the Kama Sutra,; it’s kinda sad, they have no clue…yet there are many who do as well.

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