Traps for Fools



trap of fools

Those little things

in match boxes

I realized were not for me

just made me go unconscious

it was time to wake up

even if it took a punch in the head

to make me become conscious


Yes, she told me to go and see

what I could find

seconal, tuinal, meperidine

even discovered with soma

the future could be told

saw then there was more than meets the eye

for some reason I was meant to survive


I don’t process like the others

perchance it was the fall

a death escaped at the age of 2

maybe the waves took a different circuit


what is it all for

a story perchance to be told

children to be born

for life beyond me to take form


for the spirit to become manifest

and the flesh to be stripped

to flee its constraints


the evil still pursues

and this the message

holds true

from its grip

we must always flee

most importantly to tear its claws

from me

to see it raw in its deeds

to leave it be

to step aside

and let it fly by


and bare exposed for what it is

a stepping stone

to dare not tread

for the forest there within

chokes and claims its take

Root not in me

these vines were cut long ago

yet I know your kind

and what your aim is

to settle in and take hold

come not my way

the chains that destroy

to turn asunder

and rent the veil

where material gain

is a cloak I shall not wear

be not as the pharisees

speaking dribble

and babbling to catch a foot

in its snare

this way is a passing through

for those who avoid traps to play the fool


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