Nomadic Heart

nomadic heart

Good morning Sunshine

You are so beautiful

the flattery rolls off the tongue

meeting thousands but none as me he says

what is his aim

an opiate to drive away the sadness

at the hope of an enchanting life

or perchance an enticement

for a moment or two

yet selflessly he offers of himself

not too sure what to think

for most there is always some aim

seems it has put me in a state

to hold near my nomadic heart

for they come in seeking

ecstatic at the prospects

rose colored lenses

removed just like the stitches

leaving me

the shadow appears

and the dark befalls

for a man to face his dream

and the thought of the folly of it all

he stakes his claim

to search the depths of his heart

for none can take

that which is not given away

yet life has its take

in its own way

the scars do they ever fade

the external always manifest to light

the internal beauty to cultivate

some evade and shy away

wanting something better

never seeing what the light beholds

when a candle is lit in the heart

the frustration stings

to know the things that I have seen

come to me in want

and find the truth within

too much for some to see

I know the loneliness you cannot seem to give away

singing freely my nomadic heart

dancing circles around the fire of love

never consumed too much

the breath of fire

the walk on the coals

to merge souls

the heat too great

run away

and there I shall be

a nomad in this land

heart in hand

to offer thee

yet unto the pure

these blemishes

are beautifully perfect

if more than meets the eye can be seen

the nomad sits alone

surrendered to fate

heart removed from off the sleeve

tucked in tight

prepared for the fight

to war within

to want what is before me

yet to accept

it is my heart

rarely seen

to be free

to run with the wind

not trapped in mortal hands

swift to take from me

the light I struggle to keep lit


Had to take some time away

take some time to myself

fixing broken things

but mostly my heart

decided not to date this year

too many just want shallow exploits

I can’t take their hollowness

Had to turn away and become a recluse

just to think things through

then again, but no searching of my own

a stranger appears

pray tell what he wants

the things he does for me

so unique and kind

of course he must want

a piece of me

yet can he value mind over matter

time shall tell

so hard to get pulled into this dance

not sure its where I need to be

yet feeling destiny awaits

for me to begin again anew…


…see me with the heart not eyes

for the eyes will disappoint…

the vulnerability to delve

and connect deeper than the flesh


No good mornings today

no flattery and wine

just the memory


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