Set Adrift

set adrift

Yeah, I loved you like that

silly, and whimsical and all of that

saying and thinking I love you in a million ways

some audible, and some in so many silent ways

I danced, I cried, I laughed

I guess it all began in our eyes

the mirrors of our souls

you went on to play the game

with so many more

and then all the ones who came before

and now you wait for your concubine to be free

which one will it be

the visitor you enchanted and planted yourself

between her life

and now it unravels

for her to take your hand

but will that be the one

or shall it be the one

you think you loved

the one you played the fool for

as you leaped into the arms of others

only to think you were doing what she may have been doing

did you convince yourself of love

after all that was said and done

or was it just to appease your mistake

the bleeding you underwent

to tell yourself you were not that kind

beating yourself up

over your mistakes

but if it had been love

never my dear would you have fathomed such a notion

let alone such acts…

so up on a high wire

your fairy tale awaits

and perchance there it will ride

in clouds of love in the heaven’s abode

however life is not so simple

when karma wants its due

in time for me

in time for you

in time for all

hopefully not a cathartic escape

to land in your arms

to spring forth into the air

like a wind that wafts through

warms the soul

yet can chill to the bone

when its gone…

the money will come and the money will go

but where in the end shall you be

the one who waited for a passing of another

shall her dream begin with you…or is your time so over due it was gone long ago…

and how much longer will it take to learn that song, the melody so overplayed…

political angst your sails wrap tight and in its bow you sank love divine

one day in due time in this life or the next the duality will take flight

and there shall be one

that stands out more than all the others

but out of view and out of grasp

fleeting memories…

last not too long…

like a boat set adrift

out to sea

into a storm it sinks

shall love survive these tides

as you say

life is but a dream

we make

what will come of what you bake

a cake of cinnamon and spice

and everything nice

or a cake full of

plastic dice

chip a tooth

land on a hook


the lies

we tell ourselves

drift on

a dream

a seam to rip

a tale to bind

forever lorn

homeward bound

as one

to face

your truths


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