I Needed You

Beach water color

I needed you

not your friends

I just needed you to see me

It’s a love based perspective


I needed you

as a child

to reciprocate

my love for you


I needed you

to see the trinity

in everything

the bond of



I needed you

to stand for good

to speak in truth

to bless

the pain

It’s an absolution

to ourselves


To be free

a renunciation

before the throne

the stage of life

to conquer death


I needed you

to see through me

to see your self

in all


I needed you

and you took

my sacrifice

and gave me

back my life

to find purpose


There is nothing we need more

than to love

and be loved

for our journey to manifest

the path we tread

to see the way

through the maze


I needed you

and in you came

to fill my heart and intellect


For me it is not what you see

if the fullness of the heart

you reject

in blind ignorance

and indifference

for in the end

dare not to let

your suffering be in vain

chasing things

void of soul

that steal away

all that you were born to see


Return to love

and see God in everything

and then perchance

the miracles will begin

and you will see the divine

beyond time



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