Wanting To Be Free

to touch

Artist: Adam Martinakis

Love is like a prison

once you’re there

you have no where to go

Strapped by emotion

by blinded devotion


Love is like a cage

once you’re in

all your fears

turn to tears


Love is like a whip

Striking at your heart

Deep in the darkness

singing a sad lullaby

The crying in your heard

wishing you were dead


You beg for more

in this twisted fate

No where to turn

Blocked by the bars

Yearning for pleasure

No where to go


Love is like a chest

all locked up

a treasure inside

padlock on your mind

no one has the key

wanting someone to find it

to share what’s in your heart

you continue to bleed

while full of need


Love is like a soldier

marching to the beat

Obsessive thoughts repeat

never to be complete


Love is like a chain

hitting up against your head

you feel the pain

You cry and you try

but you can’t get up


That one emotion will not die

Buried deep in your soul

Many chains and whips

Many sounds repeat

Many keys to the many locks

But only one will fit

To release you from your twisted fate

I hope it’s not too late


Brutal heart, Brutal mind

What are you trying to find

When the key unlocks the door

will you be prepared with chains and whips

to free yourself from the cages

and the prisons that bind you

in your mind


The song I sing

sadly exemplifies me

wanting to be free


Written in 1989

Note: Written about another, then in the end realized it was about me too.



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