Roses and Wine

apple roses

I gave you roses

I gave you wine

Tell me where do I draw the line

Thinking about you

makes me blue

I need more than that

I need some satisfaction

Maybe it’s a game

I play

Just to see if you’re

interested today

The balls in your court

don’t let it race by you

Too many facts to sort

Too much effort to play this sport


I gave you roses

I gave you wine

Why don’t you drop me a line

Is the music in control of your heard

You see what you see

Can’t you see me

or are you blind

to lost emotion

Don’t block my mental devotion


Roses wilt petal by petal

Wine is drank drop by drop

Can’t you see it’s not the

Roses I give to thee

nor the wine to drink

Can’t you think on me

For it is me I want you to see


Written in 1989

Fantasy Piece

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