Prayer of Sorts

Blow heart kiss

Desperation, Isolation

driving me insane

The kiss of love that flew away

Keeps flying by in distant memories

Haunting the hallows of my heart

The passion that electrified my skin

My mind, my being

So hard to let go

God help me, set him free

If he really loves me Lord

Then please wake me up

and make me see

Yet my Lord guide me

To my destiny that you

want for me

Thank you, Amen


Note: I moved across country in 1999, and my partner of 18 months did not want to come, yet then he kept calling, and still does to this day…wanting to come see me. Yet, if he was not man enough to come with me then, never will he ever be the man for me now. I had to blow away his kiss, and have ever since I drove away that day. I would rather be alone and isolate myself, than be with someone who does not honor the principles of love, or love me in their actions.

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