Unknowingly Knowing

what are we doing here

Artist: Adam Martinakis

I’m sad and I am lonely

about the prospect of losing you


Are we so obsessive

We need to be connected


When we don’t talk

in a trance I walk


How many days will I wander

In and out of my life


To reminisce of us

Is to see a sparkle in my eye


Emanating from deep within

For all to witness


Only I know

How I feel

Others poke and prod with curiosity

Trying to break the spell I am under


They don’t understand

In your command I am under


Possession of the Heart

Possession of the Mind

What a lonely pair to possess

In and out of time

In and out of my mind


Is this really a choice

I choose to be


Is not a power at work


Are the cherubs dancing

around my heart

Are angels of God

doing their part

Or are there demons in my head

Waiting for the company

of misery from me


Angels and Devils

The conscious body

I inhabit

They both do dwell

Often in Heaven

But now in between


Is this where I should be

If more to the side of hell

I think it best to not be


Written in 1996


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