In Need

cora and tiana watercolor

Artists: Cora-Tiana

Sun in the west

Do you hear my request


Is what I’m searching for

in the eyes of his soul

in us…can we be



Can he be faithful in heart

Can his mind leave

And come be with me


I wonder what you see

I wonder what pleases you now

Is your heart or head leading the way

What moves under your command


Is life just a fantasy land

with an etch and sketch at hand


Are all the kings men standing tall

in your palace halls


Is your princess near or far

Is she up high

Or is she near her fall

Is the ground her face

Is her heart out in space


What will it take to bake

a brand new birthday cake


Jump and bounce all around

in one minute place


Come see, Come hither,

Come nigh


Should I kiss him goodbye


And wait to see if he beckons me

In my unconscious dreams


The spirals of illusions

Where do we begin and end

Or will we forever be


I hurt, I bleed

I need


Summer of 1996


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