On My Wings

dove in hair2

Little did I know

Hidden there

In gardens of sound

The symphony surrounds

His grace before me there

And the songs playing out all around

Upon awakening from my sleep

These messages coming to me

Yet now they tend to fade

As I try to remember the dream

Buried there

like feathers fallen down

on this journey calling

into places I venture

even in my sleep

to reach out in the night

in surrender

seeking to be lifted

from the choke-hold

of lies

ever after seeking

the yoke I am to wear

in truth

I am

To be found no where

In the shade

Cast over me

Within the invisibility

Of the cloak of divine wings

For there, evil cannot find me

Without taking fight

Like a fire it tries to consume me

Yet it is the light that disperses

The dark within to be illuminated

And in an instant

Intent becomes magnified

They think my eyes are covered

Yet I see their deed of intellect

For it is through their darts

My master sees

And within his hand

He delivers me

The sword I am to protect

The innocent of heart


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