My love sitting across from me

Trying to figure out what was on my mind

Such a subtle look in your eye

in search of the dimension of our universal time

Wondering where and how and if we

Would ever gaze upon the stars we

Hold for one another deep within

The mirrors of our souls again


You knew you had to let me go

And yet your manner was so gentle

Something within you gave you the strength

To share your vulnerability with me


And I and my surrender had to

Return home with me

Not to know which way the winds

Would blow

Back to the safety of my seventeen year nest

Yet to risk the winter

To find the spring


The well of fruit

Of the seeds that were

Cradled and nurtured

In our hearts


I watched the moon in the sky

And the sun in the West

And wondered and questioned

All the toils of our quest


Wanting to know and yet knowing

All the while and what is…is all

I know and what is cannot be

Bridled by time or illusion

For when all veils are removed

The reality sheds forth its

Light upon my Knight


All for love the rescue

of my love, my gentleman

restores and him I adore

forever more


May 1996

Boulder, Colorado

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