When my love I meet

The test of talk and time do greet


Will we feel an easy bliss

Or shall there be an awkward emotional abyss


Will we be disconnected

Just as easily as we were connected


I wish my fears

To be released as tears

To be melted away

With the embrace of our hearts


My dreams are to be open and wide

To dance in a magical place

To allow my heart to be revealed

To allow my heart to be soft

and touched

To stand in peace

And offer peace


For us to be entwined

For upon each other to dine

To get better with aged wine

To know that you are mine


I dream of holding hands with you

Walking on the beach

Feeling the universe synchronizing

The silent pulse within us


I dream of love

And of candlelight


Dreams are dreams

Dreams to hold

Dreams to cherish


To cherish you and to be

Cherished too


My dreams…

To see you


Written in the Spring of 1996

Note: Like a Raven in a way dangling my heart in front of me…interesting to research the symbolism of ravens in Norse Mythology. Must note around the time this was written a kettle of vultures visited a huge eucalyptus tree behind my fence one afternoon and stayed throughout the night to leave the next day. Perchance it was a sign to heed, as I remembered thinking if this was some sort of ominous sign. Ugh, I now wince at some of the language used…entwined, dine and age like wine….egad! I was intoxicated at the thought of love, as I had received answers, and became free of pain, yet the fantasies were alluring to consider…even knowing it could not be, or last…yet I felt a bit zombified caught up in the dance.



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