Within Grasp

Love strips me bare
takes the flesh off my bones
naked I am there
with nothing but
my heart in hand
a portal to my soul
shining through
to invite you
into the energy flow
into simplicity
where heaven abounds
and divine mystery
the purity
of motive
to love and be loved
to touch upon
the sacred ground
the thread
never severed
for eternal
in truth
no demise
can penetrate
or circumvate
celestial time
out in the void
as one
to be so enamored
and raptured
within your heart
as my cloak
to hide me there
within your desire
to find me there
hidden in
your heart
within your grasp
naked and bare
you stand
and clasp my hand
and take us there
the twilight and the sinew
bind us tight
flesh of my flesh
and bone of my bone
for what more is love
if not of one’s own
to be cherished and adored
held in esteem
wider than the sky
a true love forms
and shelters us from all the storms
for in the air we breathe
and out love we perceive
to give it all away
for love
lest we fall
from vulnerability
into a pit
clothed in ash
feathers plucked
and turned to dust
a love foregone
on broken trust
naked and bare
there is no sin there
when one with love
free from despair
for on silent wings
under the protection of their shade
if our soul be true
and full of light
Naked and bare
my flesh is torn off my bones
my heart in hand
with soul shining through
to find you
Interesting reference to circumvate, for that is the word my mind wrapped around to use…the angels who encircle the house of God in worship in the seventh heaven….interesting…no doubt.

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