Shallow Streams Unrequited Dreams

sunken boat
Some individuals so much want to find the one,
yet often pass by the diamonds in the rough
enticed by all the shiny ones.
Never able to look too deep
dancing always in shallow streams
all the while the currents of love
are taken away by the tides of their pride, the mask
they wear leaves them stranded
wondering why life’s passing them by.
Their affairs they come and go
like the ebb and flow,
yet their ship sunk long ago
anchored to things of this world,
their eyes caked over
by the slumber of their sleep
leaving them in a fog of delirium,
scratching their head
wondering where they belong.
Their ride of desire was fast and unbridled
ending with them in a field of waste to face.
Their hopes and dreams dashed on the rocks
so long ago left to the jetties of circumstance.
Uncharted course into territories of the undertow,
to strive for air is akin to the soul to thrive
when at last they see their drowning is at hand.
When tethered to one’s beliefs
the shore is always safely nearby
no matter how deep you plunge into the abyss
to seek that which ye soul’s desire,
save not for it,
lest ye drown in a sea of your own misery.

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