Falling Stars

Falling Stars
What they don’t know
won’t kill them
but will it kill me
Hidden cries
as days go by
and smiles
put on to save the day
Deeply shy I away
from life
yet in the midst
it’s all around
I walk on sacred ground
yet too many times
I plundered it
and now it seems
I lay under it
watching what walks on by
somewhat still as stone
just to hear
the sounds of silence intermixed with days gone by
Seeing the Sun
it beckons me
to bask in its glow
yet here I go
into the well
of spirit outlaid
to find
what radiates
to me
the faith in my bones
it carries me
away from the place you cannot see
and what you don’t know
is burning inside
to know
I don’t know a thing
about you and me…
or what path of purpose
is lurking for me
on this path of stones
covering me…
tossed into the flame
like coals hot to the touch
tread not
the faint of heart
in fragility
I pray
within this space
you cannot see
What you don’t know
won’t kill you
but what I know is killing me
and the spirit that comes to life
is one
in the void
where all is manifest
into the holiest of wells
I am cleansed
the footpath travailed so long
the way is found from afar
a vortex
to the other side
through darkness I fear not
the stars they move so fast
and where they lead
I’ll be there
for wishes
to be met
yet rarely seen
but always in the eye
the light
the way
for the soul to shine…

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