Saw you gathering your things
it reminded me of the past it seems
I push the button of introspection
to see what is hidden there
into the open my words come forth
maybe too soon without consolidating time
yet the truth struck me in an instant
the breath I need
has been buried there
in the grave of broken dreams
is the spark you set
a flame you care to kindle
or is it something you search to know yourself
if chapters can close and pages turn
yesterdays into wine we drink
from starvation I am fed
and want more
yet to see you walk out the door
is not want my soul longs for
yet to your garden green
not sure is where I need to be seen
children have eyes
far bigger than hearts
that guard their gates
shall I lose it all
all over again
and struggle with these fates
that seem to take me
into realms
where I am found
to become lost again
into the garden we have been
and now what
a new chapter begins
as friends…
yet a captive
of the past
I’m torn
from this book
we shall not write
yet in a dream
one day
the key to trust
from within the dust
will be found
the echoes of the sound
the shimmering of the night
the heat of the fire
and the wings of waves
we ride
to escape not the heart
that beats on…
Rescue yourself
then find me..
Save me
don’t spare me
as food for beasts
to play
the life raft of love
will save us all…
lest we fall to temptations
where animals
and lie in wait
to sink in their teeth…
Come out of the lion’s den
where tigers don’t belong

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