Building a Fire

build a fire
Come with me in the night
in the wee morning hours
we shall set sail
through the mist
navigating through sharks and rays
embarking toward isolated shores
on a blanket we shall lay
and when the buzzing will not cease
a fire you create is born
the heron in the pine nearby
a witness to our landing
the sleep lulls you in
as wildflowers are collected
and the Sun rises in the Eastern Red Hot Sky
Another heron looking on walks slowly by
No fear
we trek
into the blue
Looking back I see
the breath of air my soul needs
has left me all alone to weep
it is not my mind’s choice
for it keeps its distance
yet it is my heart
that draws near
and is burned again
as natural as it is to nature
to be cloaked in innocence
it does its own bidding
of painting beauty all around
where there can be no attachment
when one with love
its a wave to ride
as we part ways
again my friend
the tears of missing you cloud
my day
and fill my heart
oh how must I step
out of this dream
and back on dry land…
for to love a man like you
leaves me drowning
in my dreams
shattered long ago…
by you,
now by me…
The cold has returned once more
and into winter I proceed
to keep my hearth fire
warm and lit…
Like a lighthouse
my heart
to chart my course…

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