Teasing Profundity

teasing profundity
Such a fucking tease
the progressions we all go through
one day we’re in a dream
the next a nightmare of sorts
that thing in your pocket
what is it really for
a lonely pill to deliver
that comes knocking on my door
it’s only fair intention
to ask what for
just a ruse
I tend to think
sometimes this life
is nothing more
than a trick or treat
really now think about that
a rejection or a parlay
yeah a parlor trick for sure
some times you have to understand
what’s at stake
to keep your heart
from landing upon one
don’t ya think
You can’t really obtain a goal
if you can’t even claim it
For certainly if words cannot
describe it, actions always do
in one way or another
life is but a dream we make
yet if you shudder at the quest
and slip away
into unrest
you’ll find you’ve shied away
from finding you
so easy to go into denial
and vain subjectivity
yet without peering through the looking glass
what’s true is never seen
and what could have been is just a dream
to stand alone is powerful
yet to stand united is profound
in thought and deed
where soliloquies of the soul
are echoed silently
within the chambers
of two hearts

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